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  1. Hello, I am trying to connect an Android Phone in order to my NanoPi Air in order to be able to have access via IP (ssh, webserver...). I set a bridge to share different BT connections: brctl addbr pan0 brctl setfd pan0 0 brctl stp pan0 off ifconfig pan0 netmask ip link set up dev pan0 I register auth agent: bt-agent -c NoInputNoOutput I register network NAP agent: bt-network -s nap pan0 I am able to connect but when I try to enable "Internet access" into my Android phone it fails. I can see in sysl
  2. Yes, I saw how to add custom packages but not how to avoid some of them get installed during chroot creation... Regards
  3. Hello, I am trying to build a custom Armbian image and I would like to remove some deb packages in order to not to be installed. ¿What would be the right place to do that? Thank you!!
  4. Anyone knows which is the right RT path for mainline 4.14.y kernel? I am trying to patch it for orangepizero (sunxi-next patches folder) but both, patch-4.13.10-rt3.patch included one and patch-4.14.12-rt10.patch downloaded fail. Regards