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  1. Thank you IGOR! I would like to work RTC with software I2C. What do you think, is this possiblity?
  2. Could you share info, how to use RTOS with C/C++?
  3. I see the many post for compile, and not want to read it. I'm a newbie, and maybe laggard.
  4. I want to build an multi thread program. 1 st thread modify the GPIO, and make accurate time for GPIO pulses. (I use WiringPI OP) 2 st thread create anything else. Please write an thread example. I need thread sleep function (for 1 st thread). Expectation in the sleep the OPI CPU load=0%
  5. Hi! I would like to use RT kernel with OrangePi One SOC. Please share an complate SD image if possible. Thank you.
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