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  1. Hi there, first of all I would like to thank you both of your guys for your effort on making this work on the A13-som. I was very pleased to here that this board is supported now as well. I was trying to get a readily avaiable image from the downloads section but there isn't any avaiable so I tried to use the build tools and stumbled into the following problem. What I did: Use the Ubuntu 14.04 miniimage and fetch the toolchain. I compiled using ./compile.sh BRANCH=default BOARD=olinux-som-a13 BUILD_DESKTOP="no" EXTERNAL="yes" FORCE_CHECKOUT="yes" BUILD_ALL="no" KERNEL_ONLY=no PROGRESS_DISPLAY=plain RELEASE=jessie As far as I could see no errors so I used dd to put this on an sd and run it. The board started successfully to prompt did some preparation jobs as I expected and rebooted again to login prompt. I can login but the systems seems to hang, I waited very long to not destroy some important stuff. Ctrl-Z doesn't respond so at some point I used Ctrl-C to kill the job. I get a shell. Everything seems to be ok. But after reboot I won't even get login prompt any more. And the terminal doesn't respond at all. I tried to figure out what's running there but the board has no network connection, so there is no way around terminal. Do you have any idea what's running there and preventing the board from booting. I'd appreciate any hint. If you need more logs, I have one login after flashing the sdcard to get it Thank you derschueddi
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