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  1. Hello, I just tested the compiled kernel and CAN is working. Thanks for all your hints. Daniel
  2. Hello Eric, I tested my hardware using Can4Linux, which you can get easily running on the banana pi so I know, everything is working well. Just reading your replay and the one of Gerd i'm trying to compile the latest 4.4.x kernel. Gerd, your patches seem to include all needed information, but cannot be directly applied to the latest kernel any more. Only using the one patch from Eric is missing some information, but when I download all 3 patches from that site: "https://github.com/GBert/sunxi-can-driver",to userpatches/kernel/sunxi-next the kernel compiles. I hope to find some time
  3. Hello, I want to use SocketCan on the Banana Pi / Allwinner A20 with the internal CAN interface. I have tested my hardware in the past using can4linux and also have some experience with Socketcan and other interfaces. Configuarion: Armbian root@bananapi:/# uname -r 4.4.1-sunxi loaded the can driver with "modprobe sun4i_can" results in "lsmod": Module Size Used by sun4i_can 5810 0 can_dev 8307 1 sun4i_can And dmesg states: [ 2632.582992] CAN device driver interface But I do not get the can0 device up: root@bananapi:~# ip li