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  1. I just want to thank you for your effort to bring armbian to the new H6 boards. cant wait...
  2. i would say, similar behavior... new highscore. 92° celsius
  3. i measured it with a pyrometer. in reality the temperature were 2-3 degrees higher. i contacted steven zhao. his advice: use heat sink... not entirely the german standards of Customer-Experience-Management that i am used to...
  4. Hey there! First of all, thx for your affort to get this little thing running! I just got mine, and the first thing i noticed was that it is bended... just a little bit, but nevertheless recognizably bended. am i the only one? EDIT: my orange pi one seems to have the same overvolting/overheating problem. i would try to measure v12c with my multimeter... but i am not totaly shure how... EDIT 2 : i measured 1,122V in idle and 1,340V under load
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