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  1. Thank you so much I am so glad I will try them.
  2. Now I tried a lot and find the solution with your help. In your way the GPIO pins looks fine but how to I control them? The classical way of gpio mode 16 out gpio write 16 1 not works with this pins.
  3. Thank you for replying me I am so glad. I realized what you are considering. The codes you write, do I write them console or a file? I haven't done this type of stuff, can you explain a little bit deeper?
  4. I added screenshot and marked yellow dot the unworking pins. I running Armbian which Armbian Xenial desktop legacy kernel 3.10.y and before this image I tried Armbian Stretch mainline based kernel 4.19.y and Armbian Bionic desktop mainline based kernel 4.19.y both I can work with other pins with no problem but these pins are not working. #include <stdio.h> #include <wiringPi.h> // LED Pin - wiringPi pin 0 is BCM_GPIO 17. #define LED 15 int main (void) { printf ("Raspberry Pi blink\n") ; wiringPiSetup () ; pinMode (LED, OUTPUT) ; for (;;) { digitalWrite (LED, HIGH) ; // On delay (500) ; // mS digitalWrite (LED, LOW) ; // Off delay (500) ; } return 0 ; }
  5. Hello friends; I have board which Orange Pi Win Plus running Armbian. My problem is, boards 7, 8, 10 and 16 physical pins are not working. When I tried to I/O with this pins, console says: Segmentation Error. Is it possible to fix it or is it normal? Thank You.
  6. I installed the new version which you uploaded and told me, thank you very much :)) The bluetooth works and I could connect my keyboard with this ways; sudo bluetoothctl agent on default-agent scan on pair xxxxxxxx and I entered the pin on my bluetooth keyboard.... thank you very much everything @Igor:))))
  7. Thank you for everything. I will try latest version of armbian and I will test Bluetooth again. I wish it work but it full chance. Maybe it have big problem maybe not. Future knows:)
  8. Is bluetooth say no adapter found or can it scan devices but only you can't connect your keyboard?
  9. I patched brcm40183 but how do I patch firstrun.txt? Is ıt the same ?
  10. I downloaded and run lastest image.
  11. I dont familier with scrips and hackings. I just wanna learn but I stuck in it. It really hard to solve, I think....
  12. I cant do it. And I understand nothing to your solving types.
  13. I installed the system you said but it still doesnt work. The bluetooth symbol comes but when I want to add my keyboard it warns me "No adaptor found" . I tried nearly everything but I cant do.
  14. Thank you very much I will try it :))