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  1. @Valk Can you attach the confirmation from SolidRun that this is in fact a firmware issue? It would be of great help since there's a few people trying to resolve the I/O timing issues on a driver level but have so far failed to do so.
  2. So yeah there's some tricks required to get the eMMC version up and running, as you might have noticed the SD card doesn't load. That's because the eMMC on-board chip is using the same circuit as the SD card and thus overrides it. So your only option to get the U-Boot booting is through UART, Solid-Run has provided some information regarding this on their wiki (read page 2 of this thread). I found that I had to compile the latest U-Boot myself, the compilation procedure is detailed in their wiki as well. Make sure you're using a GCC 4 toolchain as their U-Boot fork does not contain the
  3. I've been away from this project of mine for a month now and was very happy to see this! So in order to get this thing booting and cooperative I built a toolchain with crosstool-ng and built u-boot. download-serial.sh was acting a bit wonky at first so I had to give it a few tries in order to get the timing right but it did boot. After this I loaded the u-boot.mmc from over serial with xmodem into memory and wrote it, here's where it got a bit tricky though. It refuses to boot from mmc dev 0 1, I had to write to partition 0 for it to actually boot from eMMC. Thank you very much f
  4. If anybody is following this thread awaiting a solution for booting a eMMC board; I'm still empty handed. Truth is since this isn't my daytime job I have very limited time to try things out, even less these past few weeks. I did get last night off and tried some stuff but regardless my attempts I was empty handed. I'm now trying to compile the u-boot image myself rather than patching existing ones, but the u-boot fork doesn't seem to have support for booting over UART. I did find something slightly amusing though, there seems to be two u-boot forks implementing the a38x support. T
  5. Actually, there's the option to flash through JTAG as well I think? But Marvell officially only supports Lauterbach and their own JTAG debuggers, neither of them goes for any less than $300. So while there's other alternatives, this is the cheapest and the only one I'm able to try with the resources I have at home right now.
  6. Solid-run still hasn't gotten back to me on this issue but I've traced the points myself and realised that SD/SDIO/MMC shares the same lines as eMMC, so yes getting the eMMC effectively disabled the SD card slot. I will urge them to document this on the wiki though, since it's not really clear unless you follow the schematics. So I guess I'll try and boot U-boot from UART, then PXE boot the kernel, then install the base system!
  7. What output are you given when you attempt to boot the board without an SD card inserted? I'm not clear on what stage is actually attempted to be loaded at offset 00000000, but that should be the BootROM responsible for loading U-boot, so it appears it's actually whatever software that needs to load u-boot is broken? It seems though that eMMC disconnects SD IO; quoted from http://wiki.solid-run.com/lib/exe/fetch.php?media=a38x:microsom:docs:a38x-microsom-schematics-simplified-rev2.00.pdf. However would I be expected to load anything to the eMMC without any way to actually bo
  8. So I received my board today, although been unable to boot it up. I've tried with three different SD cards and two different images, latest armbian as well as latest ArchLinuxARM. Regardless what I do the only output I'm given through the FTDI console is; BootROM - 1.73 Booting from MMC BootROM: Bad header at offset 00000000 BootROM: Bad header at offset 00200000 Switching BootPartitions. BootROM: Bad header at offset 00000000 BootROM: Bad header at offset 00200000 Switching BootPartitions. BootROM: Bad header at offset 00000000 BootROM: Bad header at offset 00200000 Switching BootPartiti
  9. Terrific! I got a reply from SolidRun on an inquire about the optional eMMC. It is possible to order through their support, it's an additional $7 which means a total of $177 for the board with eMMC and the uSOM module. The uSOM module delivered with the ClearFog Pro is indeed the A388.
  10. Do you know if it's possible to boot the board from M.2 or does U-boot have to be located on the microSD?
  11. That would be great, here's a quote from the Specification page: Now that I re-read it I realise it actually says 4GB eMMC is optional, so that's my bad but I still didn't get an option for this optional feature. I had a look at the spec. page for their ARMADA SoM family as well and the A380 SoM hasn't been released yet, so my guess is that it's actually the A388 they ship.
  12. Following this thread with great interest, I'm myself looking into perhaps buying this board. I haven't quite decided though between the ClearFog Pro or a Turris Omnia, their specs are really similar (Turris able to ship with 2GB of RAM though!). However I'm a bit puzzled by ClearFog's specification stating that they are able to ship with either A380 or A388, where the A388 comes with 1GB of RAM as well as 4GB of eMMC. When I go to order it I never get an option between both versions. So which specifications is it?