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  1. Hi @all! For all noops who want to have Kodi on your Cubietruck. In the other Forum (linked on top in this thread from Igor), the User Tom81 has build a OpenElec Image with Kodi Jarvis. In my opinion it is the fastest end best Solution to get Kodi running on your Truck. You can get the Image on this link: Thanks goes to Tom81.
  2. Good Morning RagnerBG, I see it just like you. Armbian is the best build, so it must be possible to install Kodi on it. I could not find Igors most current kernel, so I searched the web for a relatively latest kernel. And i found this With this kernel, it was easy to transfer the UMP patches 1: 1. that I had compiled the kernel, then the network was not working. I suspected that my kernel configuration was incorrect. Luckily, I found in Igors Armbian Image on /boot a configuration file for compiling the kernel. I added the CMA Part added to the configuration and compiled again. After that I had replaced the kernel on Armbian SD Card and everything went as desired. My config to compile the Kernel is backupped here: You can try to compile my kernel for your device with this short howto or you try my ready compiled version on your device
  3. The kernel works now, but kodi won't compile on my truck. I thing my knowledge is not enough. My project files (kernel and kodi) can you grap on this link maybe someone has more luck than me?
  4. Hi RagnerBG! Good news. Today i sucessfully compiled my own linux kernel for cubietruck with the UMP changes from mosterta (your 2 github links above). After compiling it, i did the same on my Armbian since OpenPC TV Kernel replacement and copied my new Kernel to Armbian and the modules directory to /lib. Armbian was booting fine, but ethernet doesn't work. I have no ideal to fix this, i tried to build my own script.bin, too. But it solves not my problem. Now, i compile a other kernel version with the UMP changes. I hope that one works. I test it tomorrow. If i get this kernel working, next step ist Kodi v16rc3
  5. Hi RagnerBG, based on the howto from I start to compile mostertas Kernel. But, no luck - I cant compile the kernel because of some missing files in the GIT Repository (i reported it here So far, i find out that the OpenPC TV Image is the best solution to run XBMC/Kodi on my Cubietruck (i have HW Accleration and can run DVBPlugins). But the Linix distro from OpenPC TV ist not my favourite, i want to have Debian . So, my idea was to extract the uImage, script.bin and /lib/modules/ from OpenPC TV and put it into Igos Armbian Image. This works so far: Debian is booting with the Kernel from OpenPC TV. In my opinion the Modul "sunxi_cedar_mod" should work, because it works on OpenPC TV, too . But i can't test the graphics on Armbian because i can't compile mostertas XBMC, too. I run into the exact same problems as yours an hang on this issue I can't understand, why it is so difficult to run Kodi on Cubietruck. Unfortunately, I give up my hope and buy a FireTV Box.
  6. Igor, i started with the howto from Kodi forum. But it's not easy because the linked git repo for kernel building is missing some files. So, it is not possible for me to compile the kernel which was recognized. I given up this step so far and tried the other steps. My problem now is to compile this repo on latest armbian: It fails because of missing "cedrus". Is Cedrus not a part of Armbian Kernel? Do you know how can i get Cedrus on Armbian? Sorry for my poor english
  7. Hi Igor, thanks! I will give it a try. If i have luck and get a working Kodi image, i will tell you
  8. Hi Igor, thanks for your work and excellent armbian builds! I have a Cubietruck and wish to have a OS like OpenElec which running only Kodi on the device. Because OpenElec ist no available for Cubietruck, i start to try and play with your armbian builds. But i have no luck, maybe because i am a linux noop. Can you help me to compile Kodi and a Kernel with CedarX to run Movies with hardware accleration on Mali-400? Unfortunatelly i found no ready-to-use Kodi/XBMC-Images for Cubietruck on Internet. There a only 3 years old images based on XBMC 12 (Frodo) and a Kernel for CubieBoard2. This images runs only without working ethernet and only 1GB RAM and i have no idea to fix this. Hope you can help I think much people will be happy for a rock solid Kodi Image from yours.