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  1. Hi thanks for the replies - I think you're right in that the grep stuff doesn't have anything to do with my Helios becoming unreachable. Here is the output of the diagnostics: With the LEDS I mean that 8 is on but the activity isn't blinking when the unit crashes or becomes unavailable. The output of less -x | less looks ok. There are listings of just my ssh remote access user and a few runlevel/reboot/shutdown entries but nothing looks weird... Thanks again for any help. I did wonder if it might be something going on with my network cups printer causing the crash or unavailability?
  2. I'm also getting loads of other weird errors before the above too like this: Tons and tons of them that go on for hundreds and thousands of entries - too much to list here but hopefully you get the idea...
  3. Hi I hope someone can please help. I keep finding my Helios4 with its lights out and inaccessible. I can't ssh in and have to just power it off and reboot. I can't find much to debug it, but I was using ssh today with it to grep some files and try find a few things and it suddenly spat out loads of errors all over the place as follows: I don't know if the above is related to my problem but I hope someone can fix as it is a real pain when I try to print something (I have an office Cups network printer on the Helios) or access Samba or such and they aren't there or available so I then have to reboot it...
  4. Hi thanks, I followed your link to other posts on here about it but there didn't seem to be a clear fix or instructions for the Helios4. Is there a simple way to disable it? Thanks
  5. Hi can anyone help. I've got CSF firewall running on my Helios4 and I keep getting emails saying that rsyslog isn't running. I checked the logs and it seems stuck at this error: liblogging-stdlog[10738]: action 'action 11' suspended, next retry is Sun Mar 11 15:36:43 2018 [v8.24.0 try ] Is there any fix for this? Thanks for any help
  6. Hi thanks that did the trick and now console access if much easier and snappier!! Everything pinging nicely now too. Thanks again for the fix!
  7. Hi I've just received two Helios4 kits. I'm having some teething problems getting them both set up on my network though. My local network router is on and has a dhcp pool of .3 to .150 I then have one Helios4 with a static IP set of .200 and the other Helios4 set as .250 They can both ping out no problem, both to for example and They can also both ping other devices on my local network and other devices can ping them... But the problem is they can't ping each other! Another odd thing is when I log in via ssh I get in fine on both Helios4 devices, but trying to type is really slow, choppy and delayed. I type something then have to wait 20 seconds for it to then show up. The third thing I've noticed which is odd is that in my router web admin area on the Network Map, only one of them shows up with - but it has a little 2 icon on it saying "2 devices are connected". When I run ifconfig on either Helios4 it also shows the same MAC address on both of them - I don't know if this is normal or if it matters? Can anyone please help with a fix for these issues? I really need both devices to see each other so I can transfer files between them. Also ssh is nearly unusable like this despite already setting UseDNS no and UsePAM no