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  1. Hello armbian forum, I have an Orange PI Win plus with armbian desktop legacy kernel 3.10.y on it. I also have a extension board from my Raspberry 1 which I want to use. The Problem is that the extension board needs the pins 8 & 10 for UART communication. I read already that UART(2) over pin 8 & 10 is used for Bluetooth? I don't need Bluetooth and want to disable it to free up the pins. Uart1 Pin 38 & 40 and Uart3 Pin 11 & 13 are working finde. How can I make this? With overlays or editing the .dts files?
  2. Hello, unfortunately in armbian-config there is no point for uart on my orangepi win+. Someone else an idear?
  3. Hello +1 I have the same issue and also interested in this question.