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  1. Hi , can anyone provide me the link to download Armbian bionic image with kernel 3.14. I have seen that image earlier at the ydisk link which @balbes150 provided but seems he has removed it now .
  2. Hi, I was trying armbian images with 4.18 and 4.19 kernel on my s905w 2G/16 board. It's working fine but I facing 2 issues: 1. The board has wifi chip of sv6051p chip and doing modprobe “dhd” or “wifi_dummy” or "ssv6051" or "wlan" doesn't work. Always says module not found. 2. The default sound output is HDMI , so is there anyway by which we can change it to Av output ?
  3. Sorry It was 242, I checked that via console and it showed 242. But will double check again since you said it doesn't exist.
  4. I did that, I gxl_212 and gxl230 and gxl 231 but 241 isn't there
  5. Hi , can anyone tell me from where I can get the dtb: gxl_p242_2g.dtb file for my s905x board?
  6. Hi , one question , does anyone know how to enable sound during remote sessions on pulse audio?
  7. I'm using Armbian 5.41 image which you can find in mali 7 folder. It's working fine for me without any dtb. Since you don't have a hdmi monitor you can choosing 720p option in the file (comment the 1080p one ) and it will work on normal monitors too.
  8. It is working fine in 1080p but I was trying to run it in 720p because my other monitor doesn't support 1080p.
  9. 720p, normal mate is working fine but when I go in kodi, it goes half screen.
  10. Hi balbes , I'm using your Armbian_5.41.1_S9xxx_Ubuntu_xenial_3.14.29_mate_20180421.img.xz of mali7 , I'm facing one issue with kodi 18. I changed the repositories and installed the newest lib6 . But when I started kodi , screen goes half . Can see the top portion of kodi only. I don't know what is wrong here so can you help me in this ?
  11. Hi, I just changed the user password from command line using sudo passwd and I also tried sudo passwd user (as user is the username I put it there ). when I rebooted it , I entered the new password , system accepted it but it loop back again to the login screen asking for password. Any help in that ???
  12. You can use modprobe wifi_dummy to insert modules too. And what else you can do is follow the arkimede comment related to making a ssv6051.conf file . Anter that reboot ,again do modprobe wifi_dummy and see dmesg. In my board the system was trying to find a ssv6051.bin file (something like that) in wrong path(/usr/lib/firmware). But it was actually in lib/firmware folder. So what you can do is to change the path or copy the ssv6051 folder from /lib/firmware to /usr/lib/firmware and it will start detecting networks . It worked for me though.
  13. That issue is related to dtb file .