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  1. Yeah I did, I downloaded the latest image(5.4 Kernel) and it worked. Still, I do not know why it didn't work in 4.19 Kernel.
  2. Hi, can anyone let me know if we can enable a UART port from a DTB file? Means like compile DTB to DTS, make changes and then again recompile it to a DTB like we do in the script.bin file of legacy kernel. Earlier I have used to mention "overlays=uart1 uart2" in the armbianEnv.txt file but, this didn't work for me .
  3. I do know know which image you are using as the link mentioned by you doesn't open for me. There is an another thread where you can ask for help. You can ask others which image has the WiFi driver for that chip. In addition to that, the main author , balbes is kind of more active there as compared to current thread ( It is kind of outdated one). So, he might help you. Other than that, you can check dmesg or logs to see if there are some issues with loading of WiFi driver.
  4. Hi, Can anyone provide me Armbian_5.41.1_S9xxx_Ubuntu_xenial_3.14.29_mate_20180421.img version image? Or any other image which has ssv6051 Wifi module.
  5. Hi , can anyone provide me the link to download Armbian bionic image with kernel 3.14. I have seen that image earlier at the ydisk link which @balbes150 provided but seems he has removed it now .
  6. Hi, I was trying armbian images with 4.18 and 4.19 kernel on my s905w 2G/16 board. It's working fine but I facing 2 issues: 1. The board has wifi chip of sv6051p chip and doing modprobe “dhd” or “wifi_dummy” or "ssv6051" or "wlan" doesn't work. Always says module not found. 2. The default sound output is HDMI , so is there anyway by which we can change it to Av output ?
  7. Sorry It was 242, I checked that via console and it showed 242. But will double check again since you said it doesn't exist.
  8. I did that, I gxl_212 and gxl230 and gxl 231 but 241 isn't there
  9. Hi , can anyone tell me from where I can get the dtb: gxl_p242_2g.dtb file for my s905x board?
  10. Hi , one question , does anyone know how to enable sound during remote sessions on pulse audio?
  11. I'm using Armbian 5.41 image which you can find in mali 7 folder. It's working fine for me without any dtb. Since you don't have a hdmi monitor you can choosing 720p option in the hdmi.sh file (comment the 1080p one ) and it will work on normal monitors too.
  12. It is working fine in 1080p but I was trying to run it in 720p because my other monitor doesn't support 1080p.
  13. 720p, normal mate is working fine but when I go in kodi, it goes half screen.
  14. Hi balbes , I'm using your Armbian_5.41.1_S9xxx_Ubuntu_xenial_3.14.29_mate_20180421.img.xz of mali7 , I'm facing one issue with kodi 18. I changed the repositories and installed the newest lib6 . But when I started kodi , screen goes half . Can see the top portion of kodi only. I don't know what is wrong here so can you help me in this ?
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