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  1. I know, and use SSH to go into a server for standard work. I use putty and have for years to go into www.itu-int.us. My server for this is Centos. It is an interface for a server in Geneva. There is a bit of Chicken/Egg issue for me at the moment. I am on the road, at daughters beach place, for several weeks (fixing some things for her) so limited resources for MY project. No Ethernet access, LePotato doesn't have Wifi, Panda doesn't work. etc. etc. I wish I had brought along several other items, but I didn't . About asking, some folks are too proud to ask anything, not me, I read/google etc. try "thoughts" that I see. MOST post about this seem to be over a year old - some progress must have been made - etc. So I ask. If you want to help - I would appreciate that. If NOT you are of course welcome to ignore me. I picked trying Armbian as it seemed to support and advocate - armbian-config . I am working with Armbian 5.8 Stable This seemed like a great way to iniially setup etc. basic things. Unfortunately - when you use it to edit HDMI resolution, Mouse size etc etc. nothing changes. Even if directly logged in as root! Last night I found a small TV at Kmart for $88. that I could set to accommodate the overscan issue. The TV solves this for the moment but it otherwise really sucks! I would be NICE to change the mouse icon size. ( I have don't this on RPi, OrangePi, TinkerPi etc. but those methods don't work here. - and Armbian doesn't change ti either, It seems size is set at boot, and Armbian-config does not change the file where it is set, and that is actually viewed to ultimately set the size. _ I think this many be true for the overscan issuse as well.? Actually, More important - any ideas on getting Panda WiFi dongle working? Then I can do update and upgrade etc. and then install other needed items. Thanks, for any help. Richard
  2. My comments here is from real frustration, SO PLEASE excuse my being very direct. I have several RPi 3's 2 Asus TinkerPi. and several OrangePi 2 plus. and now also the LePotato. I do really appreciate the work folk working on OS's for these, It is indeed a lot of really great work, especially with the very flakey OrangePi's , power supply issues etc etc. Ok, NOW for give me for this. I started with RPi's , they boot to an initial screen that has "boarder" and have you setup to be compatible relative to overscan - Monitor/HDMI As I am sure YOU ALL are aware. IF this is NOT first addressed. that which is to be displayed is off the left side of the screen. Most, in-fact all of the monitors I own do NOT have and adjustment/setting to change the overscan settings. I have a several large screen TV's which do let you change this attribute. But connecting my wall mounted 55" TV is not very practical. Yes, I am aware of xrandr. EDID, h3disp etc. etc. and I have ended up wading through trying to change one of these once I finally get in inspite now seeing the beginning of the Terminal Lines . Yes, I am aware of Armbian Config - once you get it. and that it only works if you establish a root login. Which is a bitch to do when you can't see the text at the beginning of the prompt. OK, hope you don't think I am totally ignorant on this, -- even if I am. Now: PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE - the default setting should be such that the display - on initial boot, MUST be changed so that ALL of the HDMI output is displayed on a typical monitor (which does NOT have overscan setting options) Thank you for your understanding. and hopefully help - I suggest you take a lesson from Raspberry Pi Thanks again. Richard
  3. Help, I RPi, TinkerPi, OrangePi and now Le Potato. ( So far, Tinker is best, RPi next and OrangePi flakey!) I have installed Armbian Ubuntu - Works so far but have several issues: 1. WiFi, Panda not working but Netgear works great. Just plug it in and select SSID. 2. HDMI Screen: Using 1280x720. On 3 different types/mfg Monitor board menus are off the screen. I have tried xrandr, and the Armbian-Configurator etc. etc. NOTHING changes. The Armbian-C accepts the change, and you can save it:? so it seems but NO actual change even with a reboot. This, Overscan issue is easily fixed if some TV is used. Or when running RPi etc. etc. ie, the other boards work with these monitors. HELP, any ideas? 3. I prefer a larger mouse, easily fixed on RPi and TinkerPi but NOT on Le Potato/Armbian. Also, on Laptop it is easy to change the board, for example around the Terminal, or other window, so scaling is easy. BUT not on Armbian Ubuntu on LePotato! Any ideas appreciated.
  4. https://www.cnx-software.com/2015/09/01/getting-started-with-orange-pi-pc-pi-2-and-pi-plus-development-boards/ Old but none the very helpful and well done review. My experience - but with the OrangePi 2 Plus was quite different. Basically, after carefully, with Voltage and Current measurements as well as "scoping" the power bus. this past week. As backgrd. I have 3 Pi3, and two Asus Tinkerboards Asus Tinkerboard is somewhat better then the Pi3's My quest: Running Octoprint and Camera (watching remotely my 3D printer - CR 10) and Cad software etc. I find: for the OrangePi plus 2 Not the 2E. 1. Zeroshell on the emmc works really great. 2. AS provided with 2.0A power supply - very flakey when loaded with the Desktop distro both from the OrangePi site and other locations 3. Changed to 3A, 5.2 volts as measured, supply - somewhat better ( average current - low activity about .7Amps 700Ma. so should be great ) 4. Changed to Lab Bench supply (capable of 5 Volts 20 Amps- Still flakey with lot surfing activity - with graphics, forget YouTube! 5. Place 2200 mfd Capacitor to help with short peaj currents on boards- on pins 4&6. Again, significantly less crashes. 6. My felling is that the on board traces/track are also too narrow for the peak currents that occur when both graphics and computational activity occur. 7. Wifi works but is extremely slow, Ethernet work fine. Note: Wifi with the Pi3s and TinkerPl are fine also. (I have FIOS and bench is less then 10 feet from the Router - One of my Pi3 is about 50 feet away and it works fine!) I am surprised to find this as the board has been out a while now. Maybe I got an older version??? The 2e was flaky also but I didn't get into this analysis until I send the 2E back and got the Plus 2 version. A second area problem: The market for these in the US and Uk is quite a significant part! The boot S/W on the EMMC is in Chinese! While I did find someones post on a screen by screen, how to change default language, what a pain in the A$$. So I changed to ZeroShell - excellent! Any and All advice helpful - but I have used at least a half dozen different SD's, Done all levels of reformatting etc. Did burns with Etcher and with WinDisk etc. - NO issues with these SD's with the Pi3s and TihnkerPis. - I have been and Engr by trade in Data Communication maintained document handling script etc on a Centos system at the ITU in Geneva - using Putty from various location etc. - I am Not and Expert but a step above NOOBs etc. So lay your thought on me, I welcome all input! Richard
  5. I have several Pi3s and two Asus Tinkers. They work well, Tinker is a bet better of the two. Want something fast to use with my 3D print. and Octoprint etc. So want to run CAD software, Slicer etc. and control of my Creality CR-10. - So, I bought OrangePi and had bad initial experience, and boot SW was in Chinese. So I returned it and got their best? The OrangePi 2 Plus. - Should have been better. My experience is it is very very temperamental. I found, and I see others have experience power supply issues. 1. Must make sure the 5V does NOT go below, 5Vs. The average current runs between .5 and .8 Amp. but there are large peaks. I used a 3A raged supply and even it was flaky, as the current peaks would load the 5V rail down to 4.8 volts or so. Now, if you were only using, without a desktop - you will not experience these issues. BUT - add a desktop and try to manipulate some graphics you will experience lock up and crashes etc. To easily demonstrate the problems bring up YOUTUBE and watch some video. It will be very flaky and will lockup etc. I even added a good size capacitor on the 5V rail and it helped but not enough. Using a Lab supply will do the trick but THAT is just NOT acceptable. For the recorded: I tried all the Desktop Distro on the OrangePi site. Some a bet better then others but NONE were reliable. I have two of these OrangePi 2 Plus, and both are the same. I have try about a dozen, yes a dozen 16 and 32 GB Class 10 SD Cards. I have done the Flashing etc. on two different computers and I have done FULL Formats and I have used both Etcher and WIN32Disk burner. I am open to ideas, but I do think the OrangePi 2 Plus is just not ready for show time. I did NOT have any of these problems with 3 RaspberryPi-3s and the 2 TinkerPis.! HELP - or at this point I will just send these two OrangePis back also. Thanks, Richard
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