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  1. have you see this thread ? maybe it can help you.
  2. Just to be sure the uart as been already change to uart4 on main branch and developper branch for thinkerboard? or i need to do something to change it. Thanks guy's
  3. no up about this? i just want to know how i can use a raspberry pi cameras. Does i need to do something or it's plug and play?
  4. thx @NicoD. yeah maybe later after adding resistor and complete the circuit i am going to use a circuit board. Ho yeah it's change something.
  5. I am using webrtc (with peerjs) so I control my robot remotly and i see the his cam and he see my cam(same for the mic) it's a telecomunication project, controled with a xbox gamepad. the goal it's to control the robot in all our school wifi network. But the routeur wifi don't communicate to each others(VLAN... can't do a server on the wifi too) so i need to add a server outside the ip network(i using a dmz server farder in the topologie network so it's accesible from all routeurs). Just to create a little server where two client can contact each other and get a link between them (the camera, mic and data don't pass tought the dmz server the server just init the connection between two client). So the tinkerboard is just a client waiting to be contact by a other client using the same server. After a client demand to get a connection with a other client they contact earch other and a get a p2p connection between them. I think later i going to add opencv and other stuff on it. the xl4015 have a amp regulator(potentiometer 2) so i can limit the amp output of it right? I am using 4 L293D because just 2 over heating so add a other l293d over a other l293d and it's heating much less. sorry but i never use a resistor in my life, because i don't understand well how it's work. I know it can lower voltage but it's heating much. I use a 20AWG micro usb so i don't use gpio to power it. It's more safer then use gpio when you don't understand electricity that much. and if you want to know what are these Wheels, it's "Mecanum Wheels". @NicoD no probleme about the "misunderstanding" i just didn't explain it before
  6. I get it work with my xl4015 and 6 battery in pack, it's work well now. I have try to banchmark the cpu and all is fine no drop. But i need a real battery like we use in toy cars (performance battery) because it's not working when i put my motors on the same battery pack and create a drop. Thx guy's
  7. If someone have a other option i want to hear it too ^^.
  8. you use this powerbank with tinkerboard? i going to try with my other powerbank if it's work before but i think for a robot it's better to get a little battery and not a big one. (i want to power it with a battrery for a teleconference robot)
  9. A 8V using a battery pack of 6 2800amp each(in futur a car battry like lipo battery or other) or i need to get a 5V phone battery or something like that. maybe 50$ CAD. I am in a robotic club so we have much stuff.
  10. I try to get working a tinkerboard on a battery. I can do that with S.USV or S.USV Mobile but i don't know the difference between them. I have a xl4015 (5Amp buck convecter) but I don't really understand how it's work (i have a lm2596 too). I have a 20AWG micro-usb too but i can power it too from gpio. So i search a quick way to get it work on a battery. I work and search on this since 5 week and i really need to get it work. Thx
  11. yeah now it's work well damn before it's taking to me 1h30 and now 3h i need to add some cpu core to the vm
  12. Full os image for flashing do not show kernel config tinkerboard default vendor provided legacy 3.4.x to 4.4.x xenial image with desktop environement i try to delete the build folder and redownload build git do the same it's special i am on Hyper-V with the minimal image get from doc of armbian on ubuntu studio on graphical (to compile) but it's change nothing i think, it's working before the new patch/version. nope
  13. sound/usb/pcm.c: In function ‘set_sync_ep_implicit_fb_quirk’: sound/usb/pcm.c:361:2: error: duplicate case value case USB_ID(0x1397, 0x0002): ^~~~ sound/usb/pcm.c:352:2: note: previously used here case USB_ID(0x1397, 0x0002): ^~~~ scripts/Makefile.build:277 : la recette pour la cible « sound/usb/pcm.o » a échouée make[2]: *** [sound/usb/pcm.o] Erreur 1 scripts/Makefile.build:484 : la recette pour la cible « sound/usb » a échouée make[1]: *** [sound/usb] Erreur 2 Makefile:1016 : la recette pour la cible « sound » a échouée make: *** [sound] Erreur 2 hummm i don't know but i delete the build folder and when a i compile each time i get this error
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