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  1. hi @gogoer have you try to use it's mali400 GPU with later linux kernel ? I have a problem with similar board (forlinx OKA40i-c v1.12) that hase A40i SoC.
  2. I have a Forlinx OKA40i-C development board that has an arm R40 as its Soc. I use the latest Linux kernel (5.14.2 that contains "lima" for mali400 GPU ) and the latest Debian (11 aka bullseye that contains mesa project). but when I want to use GPU, like run the "kmscube" command I encounter this error DRM_IOCTL_MODE_CREATE_DUMB failed: Cannot allocate memory if you know anybody that can help me with this problem, please please introduce him/her to me. ps. I checked the #linux-sunxi channel that you suggested, nobody help me. I desperately need your help.