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  1. Maybe it isn't the "best solution available" but I managed to show MOTD in each SSH Terminal Window just by doing the following: Edit the Bash Profile: nano ~/.bash_profile Insert the following: cat /etc/motd
  2. Thank you for your answer Igor! Actually I'm on a fresh install (just to be sure none of my previous experiments might have affected the outcome) and yet I alway get the same behaviour: the MOTD is shown just upon first SSH Connection after a reboot, then every other time I got the simple "Last Login" Info. I'm only able to reproduce the MOTD by issuing the followwing, but It's quite annoying to pass this command each time I want some information: cat /etc/motd I'm using Bitwise SSH to access my Debian machine, and I'm starting to wonder if this is the cause of the strange behaviour....
  3. Hello everyone, Please beg my pardon if the question might seem “stupid†but I searched quite a bit without finding a solution. I’m using the ARMBIAN version of Debian Jessie on my Banana Pro with a great dose of satisfaction and I have noticed that the message about “system status†which appears on the first SSH Login Screen after each reboot provides a very useful insight into my system. From my researches I think I have understood that this is called “MOTD†(message of the day) and it is supposed to appear only once per session. I would like to display this message every time I open a new SSH Connection windows to my device, so to always have that information in each “Terminal Window†and not only to show them once at every reboot. Would this be possible? And if so, how exactly? Thank you for your time and your patience.