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  1. I think it will work only in async impl. mean one piece of code independantly run a72 and 'supervisors' on a53 or even lower core. Like docker application worker nodes on faster nodes and agents on slow ones.
  2. Hey. Why Opi Lite2 with H6 is not in the list? It has usb3 and wifi ac. OPi also does not provide any linux distro
  3. ViltusVilks


    Can You test docker container on rock64 on different storage - usb3, microsd, usb2 and ramdisk? Primary test setup will be - install docker, setup ssl certs, use nginx with phpfpm docker ready to go container, run some php scripts with possible memcache access. Why docker? Because it is easy to pass storage path for test without affecting host os for needed software. And later to scale everything using GbE Test area - real life test bench on ssl decr/encr, storage and ram perf and access timings. Some sort of php math calculations or use openssl library to load cpu cores.