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  1. Benny1982

    daily reboot with cron

    Thanks so lot
  2. i would like to reboot my cubi every day at 3 o clock, my linux experience is not so good. can same one explain me how i can do it with cron, because i have no clue with the cron.d/crone.daily etc.
  3. Benny1982

    Cubitruck is not Booting After upgrade U-Boot issue

    i did a new image on it , topic can be closed
  4. Hi , sorry for my english guys after Update /Upgrade to armbian 5.38 , my sytem did not rebooting anymore , before it was Fine for Long Time with Reboot Every Night I have not so mutch Experience with Linux i hope Same one can give me a hand, Best is a Step by step List I‘m connected directly to The Board via hdmi, i did not have a Network cable conected at Moment Because i‘m not at Home and i took The cubitruck with me to My workplace 2 pictures :