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  1. Android on H6 Boards

    I hear you. Thought it might be related to the img.
  2. Android on H6 Boards

    Thank you! Unfortunately, the board doesn't boot with the img. It hangs at H6 logo bootscreen and doesn;t advance any further. How did you fry the board if I may ask?
  3. Android on H6 Boards

    @Noah, could you pls share the image?
  4. Android on H6 Boards

    Any chance this could be employed? **phy_write(phydev, 0x28, 0xd591)**
  5. Android on H6 Boards

    I was doing the digging too. While stock img would result in "sunxi-gmac gmac0 eth0: eth0: Type(6) PHY ID 001cc915 at 7 IRQ poll (gmac0-0:07)", Pine H64 img would give "sunxi-gmac gmac0 eth0: No PHY found!". So I'd guess it's either tx/rx delays or pin mapping.
  6. Xalius, how did it get resolved? Could you please point me to the topic/URL?