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  1. Thanks for reply. I did the way you told and discovered, that UUID was correct in /etc/fstab on my SDCard and different from given in an error message. So i suggested wrong UUID was in linux image, and checked "/boot". The uInitrd symlink was pointing to "dev" version, while others were pointing to "next". Re-linking it back to "next" helped to boot my board, and then i found both image packages installed and removed "linux-image-dev-sunxi".
  2. Hello everyone. I ran "apt upgrade" on my board, which also updated kernel, and after reboot it won't boot up. I've managed to copy output from serial, here it is: I suspect, it won't boot due to partition UUID changed somehow. => part uuid mmc 0:1 f9a1a31f-01 I also have old kernel, image and other stuff in my "/boot", but i cannot figure out how to load it. Is there any chance to restore my system? I really don't want to loose all the configurations i've made. Waiting for your replies.
  3. Try mounting boot partition on SD card and rest on HDD. You can trace boot log, using cheap USB to UART dongle and couple of wires.
  4. Actually, the sinovoip manufacturer used name "BananaPi" due to success of LeMaker's Banana Pi and Banana Pro. For the next time you may read about another product at sunxi's wiki - I've made Wi-Fi and GPIO working with armbian on my BPi-M2. Reply, what you're interested in.
  5. So, i've tried another SD card - Silicon Power, 8GB class 4, and successfully booted, configured Ethernet, Wi-Fi and GPIO (at least, WiringPi test is running OK). Previously used Kingston 16GB card. Thanks to armbian, bananian and linux-sunxi communities for their work, that sinovoip had to do.
  6. tkaiser, oh wait, i was connecting TTL wrong I had to connect TX to RX and RX to TX, but connected TX-TX and RX-RX. So, i have stuck on ** Can't read partition table on 0:0 ** ** Invalid partition 1 ** for armbian and bananian distros. I'll try with another SD card then and report. Sorry for wasting your time anyway
  7. tkaiser, thanks for your reply. Yes, i have 5V2A adapter with barrel plug. I've checked my SD card with H2testw without any errors (as i said before, sinovoip's images boot fine). Bananian from original website seems booting and taking DHCP lease, but it doesn't announce it's hostname, and i cannot connect via SSH. There are green LED, marked D4 and yellow LED of Ethernet port turned on. tcpdump from my router looks like: 21:57:14.667746 IP > BOOTP/DHCP, Request from 02:44:09:01:79:b6 (oui Unknown), length 300 21:57:14.670185 IP TL-WR740N_OW.lan.bootps > BOOTP/DHCP, Reply, length 300 21:57:14.692926 ARP, Request who-has TL-WR740N_OW.lan tell, length 46 21:57:14.693065 ARP, Reply TL-WR740N_OW.lan is-at a0:f3:c1:9b:a4:8b (oui Unknown), length 28 21:57:14.693118 IP > TL-WR740N_OW.lan.tftp: 44 RRQ "C0A800EE.img" octet timeout 5 blksize 1468 21:57:14.693359 IP TL-WR740N_OW.lan > ICMP TL-WR740N_OW.lan udp port tftp unreachable, length 80 Maybe i could setup TFTP and give it ".img" it wants, or i need to ask Bananian developers about this trouble? I've noticed, that TTL didn't worked with every image i tried. May this be hardware issue?