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  1. Hello, i have cubieboard2. This board boots and runs successfully with Armbian-5.xx-Cubieboard-Debian(Ubuntu)-xx-4.xx.xx image, but i have NO success to boot and run any Armbian_5.xx_Cubieboard2_Ubuntu_xenial_default_3.4.xxx_desktop.img image. Except, that i was able to boot and run Armbian_5.38_Cubieboard2_Ubuntu_xenial_default_3.4.113 image once and it worked for few hours, i was able to install some SW. After power up in the morning cb2 boots until kernel starts, show some flickering colorfull screen and in a second red power led is off and board is not showing any progress. HDMI display says no signal. Maybe someone has the same problem ? So to make it short: any 4.xx.xxx kernel is loading and board is alive, any 3.4.xxx kernel hangs after Starting kernel. regards Oleg K. P.S. added log file, will try to get some info kernel log.zip P.P.S. found same problem in