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  1. I'am running the latest Stretch server version on a PiOne (Linux 4.14.65-sunxi). I think that something is going wrong with the logrotate. The rotation is done in /var/log.hdd directory (see also the scripts in /etc/logrotate.d/). But the original file of each is in /var/log directory and is not "cleared" after the rename, because it is not renamed. So, if Zram copies /var/log directory to the /var/log.hdd directory, the original file in /var/log with old logging and included new logging is written to the /var/log.hdd directory. In the next logrotate this growing file is compressed. In this situation/in my case the compressed files contains all the loggings and not only the loggings of the last day or week or month, depending which file is compressed. And the file is still growing and growing. Is my conclusion right or is something wrong in my Stretch installation. In the latest case, I could not find it. Please give me a hint.
  2. I use this button for shutdown the PiOne. Therefore in the 5.38 Jessie version I have put a file in /etc/acpi/events/button_power File contents: event=button/power action=/sbin/shutdown -h now As written in another forum topic, PiHole is my first and only Linux project. I don't know to implement this. Is it possible that this can be included in one of the next package releases?
  3. I'am running a PiOne with 4.14.14 Stretch. I have installed acpid and give the command acpi_listen When pussing the button in Stretch and I didn't see any logging. With the old kernel in 5.38 Jessie on the same PiOne I saw button/power PBTN 00000080 00000000 button/power PBTN 00000080 00000000 button/power PBTN 00000080 00000000 In the output of dtc /boot/dtb/sun8i-h3-orangepi-one.dtb I saw key_pins@0 { pins = "PL3"; function = "gpio_in"; linux,phandle = <0x39>; phandle = <0x39>; }; Means gpio_in defined as an input? Is the button function not yet implemented in 4.14.14? Or is something going wrong?
  4. Turning off the GPU/HDMI is only for power consumption and some more memory and not for heat. I use SSH so HDMI is not needed on my PiOne. With the old Jessie Armbian Pi-hole works without any problem. And I also implemented a 1 CPU core and low DRAM clockspeed during the night (as a some Linux learning on the job). See running-h3-boards-with-minimal-consumption For now I left the H3consumption program behind me.
  5. Thanks Igor. I'am not a Linux expert. My first and only project is the PiHole on a PiOne. It's running for 10 months without any problem on the jessie Armbian, latest on 5.38. But the latest update of PiHole needs DNSmasq 2.73 and higher. Thus I start with installing the stretch OS from scratch. So, getting the h3consumption monitor working on stretch, for me it costs year(s). I'll need the program for turning off the GPU/HDMI. Maybe this wil work.
  6. I have tried to run the h3consumption monitor program (https://github.com/armbian/build/blob/master/packages/bsp/h3consumption) in an up to date Armbian 5.38 stable Debian Stretch 4.14.14 on a PiOne. After the command 'sudo h3consumption -h' and other commands it gives 'This tool requires legacy kernel on H3 devices. Exiting.' Is there any solution for this? Can I change the 3.4.*) to 3.4.*|4.14.*) in the script without any problems? https://github.com/armbian/build/blob/180112d72d31ec3629896f272a1d59ef3d83dc8d/packages/bsp/h3consumption#L123 # check platform and kernel case $(uname -r) in 3.4.*) HARDWARE=$(awk '/Hardware/ {print $3}' </proc/cpuinfo) if [ "X${HARDWARE}" != "Xsun8i" ]; then echo "This tool works only on H3 devices. Exiting." >&2 exit 1 fi ;; *) echo "This tool requires legacy kernel on H3 devices. Exiting." >&2 exit 1 ;; esac
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