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  1. It seems I will be joining the league of failing PSU owners. This is on my second Helios4 from batch3, and it has been crashing lately. Roughly every second day it freezes completely. Oled frozen and nothing new on the serial port. The system had only 2 drives in it at the time, and one was failing so for a long time I assumed it was the dying drive that was making it crash. The drive has been replaced with a new and working drive, but crashing still occours. Started looking this up and found others with similar symptoms here. I have tried to limit the CPU speed to 800MHz as men
  2. Was offline for the weekend, and came back to see that @zador.blood.stained already commited this. Great work, and thank you very much.
  3. How about enabling ISCSI on the next/4.14 kernel? I am currently building my own via the armbian build scripts and it works, but it would be very nice if it was there by default. Seems to be there on the 4.4 kernel, but I want/need a newer kernel for other reasons. This is on Debian stretch / OMV4 btw. Very nice work on both the hardware and armbian side BTW. I am loving this setup.