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  1. Just an update on the raised problem. In my initial setup, i had a hyperion emeter connected to a 20A shunt. on the load side i connected the tinkerboard and on the battery side of the shunt, i connected 5v, 3A DC power charger . I noticed i had the aforementioned problem when running this setup. But when i disconnected the shunt and connected the tinkerboard directly to the DC charger, the problem was solved and the board functioned properly. I am guessing the shunt was preventing the board from getting sufficient power needed to transition from the CLI to the Desktop. But this opened up another problem for me. I know this is a little off topic but i will please need suggestions on how to accurately measure the power consumprtion of the pi. I just ordered a usb multimeter.Do you think it will do the job accurately?Please find attached relevant images.
  2. Hello all, i have a pressing problem requiring urgent help. I am currently conducting my thesis with the Tinker Board and i have the Armbian Ubuntu desktop with the legacy kernel running. I noticed when i try to boot the system, it takes approximately 25 minutes to show the Login request in the CLI and after that, it creates the user account but instead of proceeding to the regular desktop page, it gets stock there and does not proceed. I will please like to know if anyone has an idea of how to solve this issue as i urgently need it to get running fast to run the tests needed for my thesis. Thanks.