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  1. what do you mean with "network repository"? your new builds on yandex disc or your Build-Armbian repo on github?
  2. Hello Balbes, thank you very much for your beautiful builds I have one question: I have some older Ubuntu 18.04 build with 5.1.0-aml-s905 kernel and I want to compile media_build drivers to apply a patch for my dvb-card which works only partially (dvb-s works, dvb-s2 not, seems to be a common problem for dvb-adapters of this type). As far as I understand, I need a kernel source (or kernel headers) to be able to compile. Where I can get them for my kernel version (or do some other headers/source will do for compilation?). Unfortunately I don't know much about linux tinkering - I can follow instructions but I'm not able to overcome the unexpected problems and don't really understand what do I do mostly. What I did try - I have installed kernel-package and linux-source packages (which were 4.15.0 - but I have 5.1.0 kernel and need same source, right?) and run make oldconfig && make prepare. After that I run build inside media_build and of course the compilation failed, it can't find time.h, features.h etc. inspite of the fact that they are present in /usr/include and build_essentials (and all other prerequisites) are installed It would be great if you could give me a couple of tips how to compile media_build in your distros.
  3. you can try . 3.14 with /root/ command, 4.18 with 1. Execute script “/boot/” 2. Execute script “/root/” and see if that works
  4. according to balbes150 who creates those beautiful images, the installation to emmc on the kernel 4.xx looks like this: 1. Execute script “/boot/” 2. install Armbian on eMMC execute script “/root/”. I did this and it worked just fine
  5. install something like stress-ng and check if all 4 cores are working for instance with htop - or just run htop and wait, usually the load is distributed among all cores randomly even if system is idle - if they do work, who cares what system information is showing P. S. or just save your time - you do have 4 cores. I just looked at my s912 that has 8 cores and armbian shows the load for only 3 of them after login
  6. how do you know, that you have only 3? what the command lscpu shows?
  7. it is s905x, it should have gxl and/or p212 in name and 2gb as ram amount if there multiple dtb files for gxl_p212
  8. Oh no pal, of course it is not ok. You should always rename it to dtb.img - that explains why 3.14 worked. It just took dtb from android on emmc and it did work because android on this box has same 3.14 kernel
  9. connect via ethernet, find out the ip on your router - they usually have device list, connect from different machine via ssh and do what you want to do (first registration, wifi setup, etc)
  10. 100% because I could not find working dtb for 3.14 . But, now after googling a bit, I think we have different models - I have H96 Pro without + and in spite of same specs it looks slightly different than yours, so maybe that's why. Does yours have 1000M Ethernet or 100M? As far as I know all s912 with 1000M fall under gxm-q200 category, and all 100M should be gxm-q201
  11. that is the hardest of them all - normally you don't need this, but congratulations anyway
  12. many boxes get recognized only when you plug usb cable to specific usb port and some only as soon as you press reset button (it is often hidden in AV-output or just looks like a hole in the case). it is very hard (or almost impossible) to kill s905/s912 so just keep trying
  13. meson-gxm-q200.dtb works for me, but only with ubuntu xenial headless. I could not boot ubuntu bionic headless with it. I also didn't try distributions with desktop
  14. I'm experiencing problem installing Armbian 5.59 / 4.18 based on Ubuntu Bionic on my H96 Pro (s912 3/16) using (presumably correct) gxm_q200 dtb from image - amlogic logo goes away after some time and then appears again in endless loop. Strange thing is that the same 5.59 / 4.18 based on xenial with the same dtb boots just fine. Not a big deal since xenial is also ok for me too
  15. that did the job, besides that I noticed that my box seems to boot from usb only on usb-port 1 but I didn't investigate further. regarding installation to emmc I used older deb files from yandex disc to downgrade and used one of older dtbs - that did help