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    I agree - the Pi for me is the "main" unit of this type - as everyone else has copied the name Pi - and they have masses of support - so to me all other systems should attempt where possible, compatibility in addition to their own unique offerings.  So in my script I make a user Pi and add that user to a load of groups.  As you'll see here... the Friendlyarm people have Ubuntu which is of no interest to me -  as a Pi user I wanted Debian - as near to Raspian as possible - well, Armbian is a great start from what I can see - I have it installed - and thanks to readers I now have normal (pi) user control over GPIO - suitable for Node-Red (though no-where near as good as having the GPIO nodes in Node-Red running natively).  I've a couple of pins I've no idea why I can't access them but I have the bulk of them.  Being able to use them for PWM and I2c as one can do EASILY on the Pi without root access, would make these boards a lot better - after all, with a Pi3 for £29 - for me just about the only reason to use alternatives is cost. The FriendlyArm M1 and NEO seem great little boards and cheap - and now I have Node-Red etc running on both (as you'll see in the blog) - but more control over the GPIO would be marvelous without having to guess which pin maps to what.
    Here for example  - a great library for the Raspberry Pi - with gpio, PWM, I2c etc. Surely this is the kind of thing that should be readily available in the other boards too.
    Oh, my blog - and the NEO...