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  1. Just wondering when an image will be available for the R5S - I have one here sitting waiting for it 🙂
  2. I have been working with the legacy Ubuntu on this board with great success - and now on the latest nightly build of Ubuntu ARMBIAN 5.32.170921 nightly Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS 4.11.12-sun8i All is well, thanks to this command added to /boot/armbianEnv.txt overlays=uart1 uart2 uart3 i2c0 i2c1 I can now see all the ports - and both I2c channels - the ONLY issue I have is that UART0 is occupied doing serial debug and for the life of me I cannot figure out how to turn this off. I do not need a serial debug port and would rather use this as a general purpose serial port. When I try however, debug info comes out.. Can someone tell me what I have to update to kill this? Pete.
  3. I think don't give a shit pretty much sums it up - they want to push hardware out then move onto the next product... at least with the original Raspberry Pi there is continuity. Some of these boards could be so good with some consistency and medium term support. No chance of Node-Red nodes for most of these... however I have at least now mapped most of the IO pins for the NEO and the M2+ - which is a start.
  4. Hang fire - Xenial - isn't that a version of Ubuntu? It is highly unlikely to work on that, it was put together for the Raspberry Pi. I have it working on the NEO but there are comments inside for non-Raspberry Pi use - like making sure you have a Pi user, that it belongs to various groups and that you run the script from the pi home as pi. If you don't do all of that there's no chance of it working.
  5. One more question - all running with NEO - seems fine - erm - why in the setup for Armbian do you ask about screen resolution - given that the board does not have a video output? Am I right in saying that the graphical environment is not installed?
  6. I agree - the Pi for me is the "main" unit of this type - as everyone else has copied the name Pi - and they have masses of support - so to me all other systems should attempt where possible, compatibility in addition to their own unique offerings. So in my script I make a user Pi and add that user to a load of groups. As you'll see here... http://tech.scargill.net/the-friendlyarm-nanopi-neo/ the Friendlyarm people have Ubuntu which is of no interest to me - as a Pi user I wanted Debian - as near to Raspian as possible - well, Armbian is a great start from what I can see - I have it installed - and thanks to readers I now have normal (pi) user control over GPIO - suitable for Node-Red (though no-where near as good as having the GPIO nodes in Node-Red running natively). I've a couple of pins I've no idea why I can't access them but I have the bulk of them. Being able to use them for PWM and I2c as one can do EASILY on the Pi without root access, would make these boards a lot better - after all, with a Pi3 for £29 - for me just about the only reason to use alternatives is cost. The FriendlyArm M1 and NEO seem great little boards and cheap - and now I have Node-Red etc running on both (as you'll see in the blog) - but more control over the GPIO would be marvelous without having to guess which pin maps to what. Here for example -http://abyz.co.uk/rpi/pigpio/ a great library for the Raspberry Pi - with gpio, PWM, I2c etc. Surely this is the kind of thing that should be readily available in the other boards too. Oh, my blog - and the NEO... http://tech.scargill.net/the-friendlyarm-nanopi-neo/
  7. Thank you for that - one learns something every day... Well, it's now up and running and installing my home control script - so hopefully soon I'll have Node-Red, SQLITE and MOSQUITTO running on it - fingers crossed.
  8. Actually yes, PUTTY did work - hmmm wonder why WinSCP wasn't having it - ok - thank you for solving the problem.
  9. # Hi I am trying to login - via WinSCP (scp). I can't log in via keyboard and screen as the Neo doesn't have a screen. I would have expected then - in a terminal - to change the password.
  10. I wonder if anyone can help.. I have Armbian for the NEO - indeed I've now tried yesterday's version and I get the same thing every time (I can use FriendlyArm's Ubuntu but I don't want Ubuntu - so the hardware is fine)... When I try to use WinSCP in Windows - which works for everything normally, using root and 1234, I see it try to login - for an instant I see it has succeeded and then instead of getting the normal window full of files in the root directory - WinSCP just goes back to the login dialog with no pane of files coming up... as if it had failed to login but but clearly it is not failing as the view is very different if I deliberately put the wrong password in. Never had this happen before so I'm at a bit of a loss. Anyone seen this happen? Pete.
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