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  1. Thanks for advices so tested both and it looks like both are still early testing images, not usable at all ! Mac address changes at each boot (so no way to give it a a fixed lease in DHCP) and if you put in fixed IP address when it reboots network never comes back Interesting bug too: after doing system updates with apt update/upgrade, you can never reboot the system (RED led on board at boot !!). If someone is interested by an useless Orange Pi One Plus v2 board let me know or it'll go to electronic recycle bin and I'll know to never buy again any Orange Pi board (no support at all from manufacturer
  2. Hi I own since a while an Orange Pi One Plus board that I have been unable to use till now (OS images supplied by manufacturer are just a joke !). I wanted to give it a test with ARMBian as you offer now some Beta images. As both Bionic and Stretcher are offered, is there one of them more stable or more near something finished ? Did someone have tried the board with one of these ? and did it work ? Thanks Vincèn
  3. Yep thanks just discovered that great news yesterday while showimg website to a friend
  4. Thanks TonyMac32 I didn't realise it was even in Linux itself that support for these procs was so early
  5. Hum looks like I went too fast in buying that board as Raspberry replacement Sitting on my desk since january and guess will stay there for a while
  6. Hi I own an Orange PI One Plus but found it's not supported by armbian. I tried to find the nearest model but it looks to be the only one with H6 processor in it. Any chances to get that board supported in near future ? Thanks Vincèn
  7. Hi Would like to know if there is any of the existing armbian images that would work on the new board Orange Pi One Plus ? or if there is an estimated timeframe when it might be avalaible on that platform ? Thanks a lot, Vincèn
  8. Any chance to see soon an ARMbian image for that board ?