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  1. hello try to flash to eMMC without success it is bricked, only boots from sdcard, the risk is minimal I keep play with it with sdcard.... version used : Armbian_5.88_Aml-s905_Ubuntu_bionic_default_5.1.0_20190530 log ``` root@s905w-1:~# ./install.sh Start script create MBR and filesystem Start backup u-boot default dd: failed to open '/dev/mmcblk1': No such file or directory Start create MBR and partittion Error: Could not stat device /dev/mmcblk1 - No such file or directory. Error: Could not stat device /dev/mmcblk1 - No such file o
  2. Thanks @balbes150 Its seems a hard task! Maybe I wait for someone create a dtb for A95X Max..........or someone send me some links to start....maybe to start in first step.... 1. get the primary information to create an option for your model Thanks
  3. Hello again I try to extract dtb file following this post, and other posts on net https://www.cnx-software.com/2014/05/12/how-to-extract-a-device-tree-file-from-android-firmware-files/ the only way I can get the dtb file (meson1.dtb) is with a tool Amlogic Customization Tool that someone comments about in above post but I try boot it in my box without success, it try to boots, jump to black screen after a 1 or 2 seconds meson1.dtb Update: I uses the above command to extract dtb, I extract dtb.img, and test it to boot, but some e
  4. You are right this is a A95X Max! And not a x96 Max, sorry but I forget the post title and forget to say my box modelo, and this create some confusion. Now I understand why eMMC backup and restore works in your box and not um mine. And why you say that "On X96 max there are no SATA devices." Is this One FreakTab Link I'm posting on wrong topic. Maybe I Open another topic for this box Thanks @balbes150
  5. Photos has requested... About eMMC backup and restore, it works using nand-sata-install, but armbian never boots.... I post a lots of related info about boot problems, and partition problems above....please scroll up, and view one image that shows the Crash on boot, related with bad partition (added to. This post) Ir we try to mount the restored Partition, ir inspect it, we sure check that we can mount it root@aml:~# sudo mount /dev/mmcblk1p2 /mnt/mmcblk1p2 mount: /mnt/mmcblk1p2: can't read superblock Thanks for your support @ba
  6. Yes it seem that is a USB <> sata bridge Its what I try to find, a way to use it on armbian, it works on android Thanks @balbes150
  7. Hi, any news about X96 MAX eMMC and sata drive? This is the ONLY things that is missing to close/finish my new post about create a server with X96 Max with eMMC and SataDisk. Maybe someone help me to use USB bridge with sata disk, and flash it INTO eMMC.... I post relevant info and problems above Thanks
  8. hello another problem I installed one 1tb sata disk and It appears in android OS but is not detected in armbian, has anyone have any idea why the internal sata disk (it uses usb) is not detected with fdisk, parted, usb-devices etc? maybe is not supported in this kernel yet.... $ sudo fdisk -l Disk /dev/mmcblk0: 7.3 GiB, 7850688512 bytes, 15333376 sectors Units: sectors of 1 * 512 = 512 bytes Sector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 512 bytes I/O size (minimum/optimal): 512 bytes / 512 bytes Disklabel type: dos Disk identifier: 0xb2ee51e1 Device Boot Start En
  9. current progress, finished docker, builded neo4j and mongodb armv8 containers, nodejs, openjdk11, and other development related stuff...... eMMC flashed, boots but still have problems with system partition......... reserved space for next update with eMMC and installed HardDisk installation notes.... UPDATE: I have problems with nand-sata-install and system partition in /dev/mmcblk1p1 everything is work has expected, I can't mount it, it boot but /dev/mmcblk1p2 is giving a lots of problems flashing from USB to eMMC and after flash I can't mount the partitiion, I have a lot's of pro
  10. thanks @balbes150 for the fastest repply but I already found it (I think so), I update my post above, it seems the link is https://yadi.sk/d/pHxaRAs-tZiei/5.77/S905X2 I'm flashing my pen disk right now with Armbian_5.77_Aml-s905_Ubuntu_bionic_dev_5.1.0-rc1_20190406 I post my feedback ASAP thanks update: disk flashed, booting armbian, and ssh right now......... awesome work, at last, our great armbian distro working on S905X2 uname -a Linux aml 5.1.0-rc1-aml-s905 #5.77 SMP PREEMPT Sat Apr 6 14:53:09 MSK 2019 aarch64 aarch64 aarch64 GNU/Linux docker -v Docker ver
  11. Great news (again). I try it ASAP and leave here my feedback Thanks @balbes150 update1: where is the link to images @balbes150? thanks update2: link: https://yadi.sk/d/pHxaRAs-tZiei/5.77/S905X2
  12. Great news.....today I Will try it on my S905X2 I leave feedback here..... Thanks @balbes150 update: confirm it boots LibreELEC uname --all Linux LibreELEC 5.1.0-rc1 #1 SMP PREEMPT Fri Apr 5 13:37:17 MSK 2019 aarch64 GNU/Linux but this is far from useful for a linux server, that is my purpose. LibreELEC is not based on any debian distro or other distro with a good package manager ......but it have docker, I give it a try docker --version Docker version 18.09.1, build 18.09.1 but its a start a question is possible to use this boot
  13. ok thanks, I will try in a near future I wait, no problem.....
  14. For reference - no longer uses the copy file mode dtb to the "dtb.img". To select which dtb to use, edit the file "uEnv.ini". Nice tip.....and I tested All dtb's with copy method......eheheh....last time I installed armbian this is the method I used.... today I Will try All dtb's with @balbes150 tip one by One, and post my findings. I just want the Shell to setup another Linux Sever .....
  15. @pcconsult first thing after opening the box would be installing Linux Lol Is what I do with mine today, when it arrives awesome hardware I connect my tested S912/S905x USB stick in first boot with clip just for fun.....but it won't boot (it's to soon yet) Ir keeps on boot screen....I try some diferent ports, but I'm on work, and dont have time to play with it Tomorrow or next weekend I Will try some dtb's (startup in first to last) with above sugestted image.....and I post my finds, if it boot we are in good track, if not I wait fo
  16. I dont know about this idle problem. But when I push system and use more resources, like push docker containers for eg, I have all cores and CPU at higher levels. But I will watch this idle for higher values.....
  17. and dont know docker! welcome docker is the best thing that appens to IT after Linux (my humble opinion) you have many containers already setup waiting.........with mysql, php, lamp etc just choose install docker from my post and follow some good tutorials, and you are learning good stuff man (again my opinion) thanks to all
  18. I Create a small post Alfawise H96 Pro+ Headless setup..............
  19. This is a quick notes post for people that want to setup Armbian on AlfaWise H96 Pro+ eMMC and use it as a Headless Server for Docker Microservices Thanks to @balbes150 @guidol and @Jeycop and all the awsome people of this forum Tech stack used Armbian - Java 8 - Docker - Spring Framework/Boot 2.0 - Node Js - Aurelia Freamework Download Files - Android firmware (Optional, required in case of revert from eMMC flash) - New H96 Pro Plus 7.1.2 firmware download By EBox - Armbian Version
  20. Flashed in eMMC at first with Armbian_5.41_S9xxx_Ubuntu_xenial_3.14.29_server_20180305.img.xz but without backup and restore like sugested......... Damn why I not try that LOL Thanks @Jeycop Its lightning fast running eMMC and a lots more space 25GB Free is more than enough simply awsome I setup the whole setup, that contains 4 docker microservice containers, webapi. mqttserver, mongo, and nodejs/aurelia spa running and with a load average of 1.06 top - 19:32:17 up 15 min, 2 users, load average: 1.09, 1.50, 1.26 Tasks: 162 total, 2 running, 160 sleeping, 0 stop
  21. I note that you dont backup/restore your partitions! You just use install.sh and nothing more! I read and have some guide tips from @balbes150 (I think so) to 1) install.sh 2) dont reboot, and backup partitions 3) boot from SD and restore partitions (Fail here) 4) boot from emmc I never try boot after install.sh like you do, maybe it works without steps 2,3, and 4 too I note that you comment about remove kody, why you dont flash headless server. I burn headless server and its awsome,very clean
  22. I think the trick is related with the firmware 1.) if you changed something on internal EMMC storage -> flash official Firmware (mine was from 12-2017) // I think it's important, so Armbian can read the correct DeviceTree? In the past I lost original my firmware, and after a few hours try and failling and searching for a firmware/tools that works I found and use this one New H96 Pro Plus 7.1.2 firmware download By EBox https://www.entertainmentbox.com/new-h96-pro-plus-tv-box-android-7-1-2-custom-firmware-download/ AlfaWise H96 PRO+ 3 32Gb LPDDR3 Downl
  23. Hello @Jeycop First Sorry I forget that you request something in the past, and I forget what is it, I think is related with my notes, only today I received the mail from forum and I remember that When I repply I was on phone and far from my laptop/notes move on.... Note: I Note here your version is 20180305 and mine is 20180225 Glad to know you flashed your eMMC with Armbian, great achievement, I try it in past but always I have this error dd: error writing '/dev/system': No space left on device it seee
  24. Hello First I must tell that I stopped at my last requirement step, that is using the eMMC, I started but when I used the scripts it gives problems, like restore the Partitions to a lower size partition (1gb), I use the sdcard version, until I have spare time or any help, I lost a few hours with this setup now. Right now I dont have my notes, I'm on phone, but I answear your questions ASAP About version and dtb I already post here in this topic, please scroll...and how to boot armbian too, use the reset when boot first time. After first armbian boot is
  25. Thanks @odin For your next problem I only use armbian for my headless servers projects (armbian server version). I never install it with window manager. Maybe one day. Good luck @odin