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  1. Dear sir i did what you said. I instaled orange plus with tursty image. then updated and alsu upgrate it. also install gpio driver by modprobe . I noticed the the image does not aprove ( security wifi network -wpa/wpa2/web etc) it connects wifi network without security only. I received 'bad password'
  2. Dear sir, The tursty image you suggest http://mirror.igorpecovnik.com/Armbian_5.04_Orangepiplus_Ubuntu_trusty_3.4.110_desktop.zip has got gpio griver? Thanks.
  3. Dear Users, I bought a new 'Orange Pi Plus' board to learning pi. But i can not install it by stable image. I treid a lot of image what i found. (Debian,ubuntu etc) I want a image with ( Gpio driver and ir driver and desktop gui) not more. Please help me. i can buy it. Thanks best regards. Murat.