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  1. Oke thnx again i gonna try libreelec , and hopely after a time that kodi works in one of yours nice images of linux , so i can use kodi , plex etc
  2. Thnx for your anser , uhm kodi will also not work with your img armbian 5.41 (s912) ?? i try it yesterday and when i start kodi it boots but after a few seconds later it stuck .....
  3. I want to try archlinux_kodi17.6 img , must i here also copy and rename dtb.img ? or dtbs... ?
  4. My english is not so very good , but iam in ubuntu , i chance right up in from kodi to mate and i had succes :);) Now we can try play/install kodi , plec etc Thnx for your help
  5. There is also an image of linux mint cinnamon for S912 ? Can you help me @balbes150 ? wich dtb i need ?
  6. I have try yours kvim2_linux.dtb , but the same problem login screen comes back . i trying to make a hoal compleet new image , perhaps that wil be help... I have a philips smart tv a beelink gt1 3gb/32gb and a chinees wireless i8 backlight keyboard
  7. I have used dbt.img (gxm_q201_2g) Pasword log in is ok , but log in screen comes back ?
  8. iam in gt1 has boot than i type the login root but i can,t typ the pasword 1234 any idea? num lock is on pasword succes , but now i get every time login screen back ??
  9. ex means as example ?? I can,t find cp /boot/dtb-3.14.29/kvim2_multios.dtb /boot/dtb.img on my micro sd card ?
  10. Nobody ? What i have read is the Armbian_5.41_S9xxx_Ubuntu_xenial_3.14.29_mate_20180225.img the rom i needed . But wich file must i chance (img.dbt ) ?? and what do i to login and password ? Sorry for my english Richard
  11. Hello If i choose to install ubuntu , wich version can i best to choose for kodi , plex and ipvanisch ? Mate or Server , i have the Beelink GT1 Ultimate 3gb/32gb . Root and 1234 is the standard ? for inlog (armbian 5.41) Friendly Regards , Richard
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