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  1. This is sad! As I said, I'm not deep into Linux at all, just following howtos and other detailed instructions trying to make some individual changes logically. Nevertheless thanx to your detailed but depressing answer! Regards Andre
  2. Hello, yesterday I tried the Trusty Distro in order to find out, if armbian could be an alternative. It seemed not to be so. Installing the distro, updating und upgrading the system, left me with "no soundcard" messages. lsusb found vid and pid of the attached usb-soundcard but, in difference to raspbian aplay -l and cat /proc/asound/cards didn't show it at all. Also the lcd display I attached was not recognized by the system as far as I can see. Desperate greetings Andre
  3. Hello Igor, sorry! This important information I truly forgot to give ! It's a banana pi M2! Regards Andre
  4. Hello everyone, I'm trying to set up a system as musicjukebox supporting -MPD -USB Audio -WlanAP -7"Display With the Raspbian Image of banana-pi(dot)org with Kernel 3.3 lcd works but usb-sound not. With kernel 4.2 it is the other way around. The support is very bad in my opinion, so I'm looking somewhere else. Is armbian able to satisfy my needs? Or do I have to do much compiling/programming, which would be all new to me as a linux beginner... Regards Andre