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  1. how about the temperature of the new orange pi zero LTS? orange pi zero ver 1.0 is cool. ver 1.4 and ver 1.5 are hot.
  2. Hi: thanks a lot for your hint!! google "armbianEnv.txt" I learn a lot of things. BTW, I can use "extraargs" to add boot parameters now. thanks again for your kindly help.
  3. Hi: sorry for asking it again. anybody know how to add boot parameter to legacy armbian 3.4? do I need to re-compile something to do the work? thanks a lot for help!!
  4. Hi: I want to add "nowayout" watch dog parameter to my orange pi pc. I think the syntax should be "sunxi_wdt.nowayout=1". but I don't know how to add this to kernel boot parameter in armbian? is there a config file to add boot parameter? BTW I found if I shut down my orange pi PC normally, I can not restart it unless I unplug/plug the power cord. is this behavior expected? thanks a lot for help!!
  5. Hi: sorry I don't have name. there are tones of converters in the market and they basically looks like the same. the new and old one both use SP3232EEN.
  6. Hi: thanks for the hint. it is easier to do the test. today I got new converters and they are fine. I don't know what happened to my original converter. I saw some people said there are many fake chips which can only do 9600 bps. but since the new converter works fine, I don't want to bother what happened to my old converter. thanks for all the help!! now I can minicom my routers!
  7. hi: I have tried to use UART1 to connect UART0 directly, and I can get login screen. so I think UART1 configuration is fine, at least TTL to TTL.
  8. Hi: there is some difference in hardware. when I minicom from PC to SBC, the SBC is using UART0. when I minicom from SBC to router, the SBC is using UART1. I have test the router and it only need RX/TX/GND to work, no need for CTS/RTS/DTR/DSR. after more searching, I found maybe my converter is not good enough. so I ordered more converters to see if there is any difference. it will take two days to arrive so I can continue the experiment. thanks a lot for all the help! I will report the results later.
  9. Hi: I tried 3.3V and 5V VCC. and I use wires to connect the pins one-by-one, so I can switch tx/rx at each side easily. since I can use the converter from RS323 to TTL, I think it is working. it just can not convert from TTL to RS232. after observation, I think one side of the converter is "tx,rx,gnd,vcc"(TTL) and the other side is "tx,rx,gnd"(RS232). maybe I should try more converters for testing. could anyone test his converter if control the router/switch via SBC works?
  10. hi: thanks for the hint. I will try to build a no handshake cable for testing.
  11. Hi: I don't want to use SBC to login PC. but I do want to use the SBC as PC, so I can minicom to other network device like routers,switches..etc. to clarify the problem, I try to test PC RS232 connection to a MicroTik router. and I found the rs232 pin need to use TX/RX/GND. only TX/RX is not enough. in contrast when I use SBC uart1 to connect uart2 directly via minicom, two wires TX/RX are enough to get login screen. I don't really understand the technical details, just confused about the situation.
  12. hi: the converter is powered by orange pi pin. the strange part confused me : it is working if I use PC minicom program to control orange pi uart0, but it is not working when I use orange pi uart1 to control other network device via minicom. (flow control all disabled) I have tried to use orange pi uart1 to connect uart0 directly and it is working fine, so I think uart1 configuration is ok.
  13. hi: my ttl part has rx/tx/gnd/vcc, like this :
  14. Hi: I can use the rs232-ttl converter to control orange pi via PC, so I think the voltages is ok? I just don't know why ttl can not control rs232, it seems related to rs232 initialization or something?
  15. hi: I want to use my orange pi to control some network devices which has rs232 console port. so I enable uart1 as 2 pin mode, and buy some rs232-ttl converter board. then I found these rs232-ttl converters is not working under my situation. they do work when I use my PC to control orange pi (so this is RS232 -> TTL). they don't work when I use my orange pi to control rs232 device (so this is TTL-> RS232, not working). it seems there is something difference between RS232->TTL and TTL->RS232. now I wonder if TTL->RS232 possible? or I need enable 4 pin mode and find another kind of converter for the work? thanks a lot for your help!