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  1. thanks a lot for the hint. my usage is headless too. no wifi no network-manager but maybe with usb sometimes. your blacklist would be great help.
  2. Hi: I am new to Armbian Buster. I understand the legacy h3consumption is gone now. I wonder if I can do something similar under Armbian Buster like: 1. only allow 1 or 2 core 2. lower ram frequency 3. disable hdmi
  3. Hi Werner & Igor: thanks a lot for the advice. now I understand Armbian buster will be my best choice. thanks again for your kindly help!!
  4. Hi: I am using debian jessie on orange pi H3 boards and I am very satisfied with it. but I need to upgrade now since jessie is out of support. i want to upgrade to debian buster since my pi is using as a server without any display attached. but I wonder maybe there is something good I missed from ubuntu: like 10 years LTS support? or perhaps most developers are using ubuntu so it is more mature? just need some advice. thanks a lot!
  5. yes debian jessie is still there. but the armbian jessie packages are gone. like "linux-image-sun8i_5.75_armhf.deb". I got some of them. I just hope I have last chance to sync these great packages.
  6. hi: I have old allwinner H2/H3 boards which work very stable with armbian jessie. although I can still get debian jessie packages, I found armbian jessie packages are gone from apt.armbian.com. is there any place I can sync these armbian jessie packages? thanks a lot for your help!!
  7. how about the temperature of the new orange pi zero LTS? orange pi zero ver 1.0 is cool. ver 1.4 and ver 1.5 are hot.
  8. Hi: thanks a lot for your hint!! google "armbianEnv.txt" I learn a lot of things. BTW, I can use "extraargs" to add boot parameters now. thanks again for your kindly help.
  9. Hi: sorry for asking it again. anybody know how to add boot parameter to legacy armbian 3.4? do I need to re-compile something to do the work? thanks a lot for help!!
  10. Hi: I want to add "nowayout" watch dog parameter to my orange pi pc. I think the syntax should be "sunxi_wdt.nowayout=1". but I don't know how to add this to kernel boot parameter in armbian? is there a config file to add boot parameter? BTW I found if I shut down my orange pi PC normally, I can not restart it unless I unplug/plug the power cord. is this behavior expected? thanks a lot for help!!
  11. Hi: sorry I don't have name. there are tones of converters in the market and they basically looks like the same. the new and old one both use SP3232EEN.
  12. Hi: thanks for the hint. it is easier to do the test. today I got new converters and they are fine. I don't know what happened to my original converter. I saw some people said there are many fake chips which can only do 9600 bps. but since the new converter works fine, I don't want to bother what happened to my old converter. thanks for all the help!! now I can minicom my routers!
  13. hi: I have tried to use UART1 to connect UART0 directly, and I can get login screen. so I think UART1 configuration is fine, at least TTL to TTL.
  14. Hi: there is some difference in hardware. when I minicom from PC to SBC, the SBC is using UART0. when I minicom from SBC to router, the SBC is using UART1. I have test the router and it only need RX/TX/GND to work, no need for CTS/RTS/DTR/DSR. after more searching, I found maybe my converter is not good enough. so I ordered more converters to see if there is any difference. it will take two days to arrive so I can continue the experiment. thanks a lot for all the help! I will report the results later.
  15. Hi: I tried 3.3V and 5V VCC. and I use wires to connect the pins one-by-one, so I can switch tx/rx at each side easily. since I can use the converter from RS323 to TTL, I think it is working. it just can not convert from TTL to RS232. after observation, I think one side of the converter is "tx,rx,gnd,vcc"(TTL) and the other side is "tx,rx,gnd"(RS232). maybe I should try more converters for testing. could anyone test his converter if control the router/switch via SBC works?