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  1. So, this will be the thread as my understanding is increasing about armbian and my stupid allwinner board Progress config file for armbian config/boards/t95-h616-2gb-x.conf may be orangepizero2 defconfig for the board (can be obtained from either /proc/configs.gz or /boot/config-$(uname -r) from tvbox) build uboot.bin dts file (by installing dtc through termux and getting from /proc/device-tree or something). boot0_sdcard.fex, sys_config.fex and u-boot.fex (by unpacking firmware img file can be achieved by using imgRePacker_206 from xda) what to do with them i dont know yet Try hexdump0815 github u-boot for h616 then read more about linux kernel to be used Rest will be coming
  2. Hi everybody, I want to try armbian on my tvbox. I managed to build image using orangepi-linux 4.19 and u-boot-orangepi v2018.05 sun50iw9 i copied dts from my tvbox decompressed my stock firmware to get boot0_sdcard.fex, sys_config.fex replaced files with these from official armbian github. replaced orangepizero2.dts in linux build image without any errors used balenaEtcher to write to sdcard but I am not able to get it to boot on my tvbox any help?? thank you
  3. I think it is now in sort of supported devices because of orangepizero2.
  4. Congratulations everyone. just want to understand a little bit about this build if some one can help me out there are certain fex files in this build. i know that sunxi firmware is using these files as bin files. I want to know there origin i.e. they coe from stock firmware or written by some body. I know tvboxes are not supported by core team. but if some one interested I want to work on t95 allwinner h616 2gb ram 16gb rom. please keep in mind that i am new to armbian or kernel build but i know little bit about linux. much appreciate if you join me in my quest. thanks