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  1. MacBreaker's post in Error at MJPG-Streamer Install was marked as the answer   
    With Focal i don't know.
    But try do repalce "libjpeg62-turbo-dev" with "libjpeg8-dev". It's availble on arm64.
    I hope it works...
  2. MacBreaker's post in Power bank or ups for Orange pi pc was marked as the answer   
    There a differed ways to connect.
    You have skills with soldering or not?
    Ok,easyst way is to buy a usb to DC 4mm connector cable and a power source form Raspberry Pi.
    It doesn't matter if mirousb or usb-c connector.

    Plug all together and your done.
    Bevor i forget, i use 3000 miliampere Cells.
    Made sukcessfull tests with 1 hour disconnect from mains and reconnect.
    All wthout problems...
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