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  1. @Anderson Lima I think it is much easier to connect a external RTC like a DS 1307 module like this or a DS 3231 module like this to solve the problem. It's only some cents....
  2. To upgrade pihole type: pihole -up after this a pihole -g after this pihole is up to date...
  3. OK, i'm prepaired with my 500GB HDD on a Cubietruck right now...
  4. Yes, and you all can be proud of this...
  5. Hello Igor, since years i seed Armbian torrents but i noticed that i'm running out of space. My hdd was 248GB till now... Looking for further information and saw in the first post is written 512GB. Maybe you can add a big ">NOTE!< since Version 20.05.xx you need 512GB free space". Also after you installed transmission by ->Software ->Softy ->Transmission you get asked to seed Armbian torrents. Here a screen: You have to change the number from 80GB to 512GB. Just my thinking about this.. Markus
  6. First you have to enable analog audio... sudo armbian-config ->System ->Hardware -> mark analog-codec ... sudo reboot If you need /etc/asound.conf , you have to create by you own...
  7. @divis1969 thanks for the info. Regards
  8. I also like to change mjpg streamer to ffmpeg. But in the moment i haven'd time for this.. Keep on posting your results pls. Regards
  9. @divis1969 I also use kerberosio since years with some OrangePi's (Frontdoor, Garden Cam..) and USBCameras. But not directly in kerberosio. I'm runing mjpg_streamer for live-streaming and in kerberosio i us it like a IP-Camera. Did you try out Zoneminder? I think about to try it in the next time when i've time.
  10. @gounthar i do this: root@zero-bk:~# cd /sys/bus/w1/devices root@zero-bk:/sys/bus/w1/devices# ls -l insgesamt 0 lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 0 Apr 21 14:09 28-02161f5ca2ee -> ../../../devices/w1_bus_master1/28-02161f5ca2ee lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 0 Apr 21 18:45 w1_bus_master1 -> ../../../devices/w1_bus_master1 root@zero-bk:/sys/bus/w1/devices# cat /sys/devices/w1_bus_master1/28-02161f5ca2ee/w1_slave 51 01 4b 46 7f ff 0c 10 ab : crc=ab YES 51 01 4b 46 7f ff 0c 10 ab t=21062
  11. @gounthar how i did it with my OPZero: Enable w1-gpio add param_w1_pin=PA10 to armbianEnv.txt and connect your DS18B20 like these.. +------------------------------------------------+ | OPi Zero GPIO Pin | 18B20 | Widerstand | |------------------------|---------|-------------| |Pin 17 3.3V | braun | VCC |-|4,7kOhm|-¬ | |Pin 26 1-wire | blau | Data |------------ | |Pin 9 GND | schwarz | GND | | +------------------------------------------------+ Its working fine :-)
  12. @Anna Vahtera sorry my delay... First test was with 20m long CAT5 Cable. It was working without issues, so no need for me to measure the voltage. In real scenario I use a 15 meter cable.
  13. Maybe you will think a other way/solution. I used that for a project years ago with a OPi Zero, webcam and GPIO to detect a signal. (Doorbell with front door video and motion detection) I used a passive poe adaptor like this: passive poe It's working pretty good till now with only a network cable...
  14. I had also had a lot power outages. I bougt a "Bms 18650 Batterie Schild V3 Expansion Board" ( with a 18650 Batterie, and the problen was solved.
  15. Hello @richardk, to edit file from ext x filesystem on Windows machines, use Ext2Fsd-0.69.exe works pefect...