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  1. Hi @martinayotte, I already re-flash the sd card into fresh image and no longer can can check. Before I re-flash the SD card, I can confirm that the drive is connected and detected by the SBC. Device Boot Start End Sectors Size Id Type /dev/sda1 2048 1953521663 1953519616 931.5G 7 HPFS/NTFS/exFAT Anyway, thanks for the help. No idea where and what the problem is as I am not familiar with the linux. Thanks & regards.
  2. Hi martinayotte, I can't make it work. I have no idea what & where the problem is. Thanks again for replying.
  3. @TonyMac32 Thanks for the reply and the move of the topic to p2p. Hopefully there is / are experts here to help. But I think the topic will be ended like this. Anyway, thanks once again. Best regards.
  4. Hi TonyMac32, The board can detect the drive. Device Boot Start End Sectors Size Id Type /dev/sda1 2048 1953521663 1953519616 931.5G 7 HPFS/NTFS/exFAT Regards.
  5. Hi TonyMac32, Thanks for the reply. I googled and followed all the steps but at last type the \\NAS IP and nothing. At last I shutdown the Pi and re-flash to fresh image and not doing anything until I have a clear picture of how to get it work. I just need a very simple SBC with Ext. USB HDD as storage, can do the nsync from other NAS to this SBC USB HDD. Hope to get an info on this matter. Thanks. Regards.
  6. Hello there, I would like to build 1 NAS for my Nanopi K2 with Armbian Stretch installed with 1 no of external USB 1TB HDD. I have googled and none of it work. I am here to looking for help on this matter. The NAS is as basic as possible with 1 login id & password and can show as a network drive in Windows Network. Thanks and regards.
  7. Hello there, I have 1 Nano Pi K2 S905X SBC with Armbian Ubuntu Bionic Installed. Externally connected with USB HDD (Toshiba 1TB) as a backup storage. How am I going to configure the Armbian Ubuntu Bionic to become something like Samba / NAS so that I can access the Ext USB HDD via Local IP. I tried few times and can't made it successfully for 1TB USB HDD as a network drive. Can someone experts here assist me on this matter? Thanks in advance. Best regards.
  8. I have 1 "Customised Olimex Lime A20 SBC with RTL-SDR chip installed in the board (AirNav XRANGE). Currently the OS I'm using is the Lime A20 Armbian Stretch 4.14.84, everything is works fine except for the 2 GPIO LED. I have no idea how to let it work. I have the edited "sun7i-a20-olinuxino-lime.dtb" from Armbian Jessie 4.11.5 which is mainly for the board. May I know is there a way to incorporated the "Armbian Jessie 4.11.5's sun7i-a20-olinuxino-lime.dtb into the A20 Armbian Stretch 4.14.84 so that the 2 LEDs will work again? The edited dtc for LEDs to work "sun7i-a20-olinuxino-lime.dtb" attached. Hope to get some experts to assist me on this matter. Thanks in advance. Regards, SaiHou sun7i-a20-olinuxino-lime.dtb 4.14.84 - sun7i-a20-olinuxino-lime.dtb
  9. Hi guidol, Thanks for the reply. Yes, I did as per above stated. Regards, SaiHou
  10. Dear experts, I would like to make my OrangePi PC on board LEDs works like power (Green: Default ON) and status (Red:heartbeat blinking). root@orangepipc:~# ls -1 /sys/class/leds/ orangepi:green:pwr orangepi:red:status root@orangepipc:~# Any experts can assist me on this matter on edit in /etc/rc.local to get it works. Thanks in advance and appreciated your help. Regards, Sai Hou
  11. Hi martinayotte, Thanks for the reply. Great info. Best regards.
  12. I have 1 Armbian installed in the SBC. I want to login but I don't have any idea what is the root password. I saw there are few methods of breaking it and can bypass / reset password. I noticed that this method is 1 of the easiest way, but it doesn't work. By editing /etc/shadow, root:$6$6fRIGsIb$dt.U84pEFgqpCSmlU9Nn2SLxBK8mYxxZMethrY35kqPg09aS/8e5xQ08excoGzdta6E5XmF2iFQC5J4EJVuM31:17401:0:99999:7::: daemon:*:17326:0:99999:7::: bin:*:17326:0:99999:7::: sys:*:17326:0:99999:7::: sync:*:17326:0:99999:7::: games:*:17326:0:99999:7::: man:*:17326:0:99999:7::: lp:*:17326:0:99999:7::: mail:*:17326:0:99999:7::: news:*:17326:0:99999:7::: uucp:*:17326:0:99999:7::: proxy:*:17326:0:99999:7::: www-data:*:17326:0:99999:7::: backup:*:17326:0:99999:7::: list:*:17326:0:99999:7::: irc:*:17326:0:99999:7::: gnats:*:17326:0:99999:7::: nobody:*:17326:0:99999:7::: systemd-timesync:*:17326:0:99999:7::: systemd-network:*:17326:0:99999:7::: systemd-resolve:*:17326:0:99999:7::: systemd-bus-proxy:*:17326:0:99999:7::: messagebus:*:17326:0:99999:7::: ntp:*:17326:0:99999:7::: avahi-autoipd:*:17326:0:99999:7::: sshd:*:17326:0:99999:7::: rbcs:$6$SMHou.Qx$ZFNh7PSANkFtf7LtUnkBlMZNzoPw5Yj8VHhvpwcpbyvTI4AqIN.NEpWL2uSDI1dVuJLZrh2WS05yyPhHalwRI/:17401:0:99999:7::: gpsd:*:17401:0:99999:7::: Which segment to be removed? root:$6$6fRIGsIb$dt.U84pEFgqpCSmlU9Nn2SLxBK8mYxxZMethrY35kqPg09aS/8e5xQ08excoGzdta6E5XmF2iFQC5J4EJVuM31:17401:0:99999:7::: I tried many times by removing "$6$6fRIGsIb$dt.U84pEFgqpCSmlU9Nn2SLxBK8mYxxZMethrY35kqPg09aS/8e5xQ08excoGzdta6E5XmF2iFQC5J4EJVuM31" and with left with the new line of:- root::17401:0:99999:7::: <---- Is this correct or I am done something very wrong. Please advise and thank you in advance. Regards.
  13. Hi martinayotte, I have no idea. Both OS has this file but only the Armbian is working, Raspbian is not. No clue. Anyway, thank you for sharing info. Regards.
  14. Thanks for the reply. It only works in Armbian Debian Jessie. For the Raspbian Jessie it will not work. Any clue on this to solve it? Thanks once again.