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  1. hey bro, thanks. this is a nice one.
  2. Thanx buddy. Its really usefull.
  3. i want to make board because am a designer and have to improve high speed design PCB with DDR, e-MMC , etc. i just only designs PCB using STMicrocontrollers chipset. i downloaded openCPU BeagleBone Black, Olinux, Bnana Pi reference design for this. and just one thing want to know there is any kernel requires for OS installation and for make workable with Linux. My Boss is says that there is no any kernel required for same.
  4. Hey Friends, I want to make a board allwinner R40 chipset. So i want to know let assume if made a board then to work its with HDMI, DDR, ROM, USB Ports etc then any extra what kind of drivers needed. ITS my First plz help to collect some information regarding this. Thanx buddies.
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