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  1. 20.11.6 with Linux 5.8.16-sunxi. I shared dtb at one of the posts below.
  2. Solved! Clean latest version install armbian on BananaPI solved my problem. It now runs 1.3 GHz fully stable @ 1.6 volts. Currently uptime 4 days.
  3. It's stable up to 1200mhz at stress tests but after days or several hours with no load it kernel panics. I cant solve problem. If its related with overclock or not. It's drive me crazy. I tried different kernel versions and u-boot but no lock...
  4. Also you need to adjust voltage controller as below. I also attached my dtb file. Goodluck. If you find something useful please let me know. dcdc2 { regulator-name = "vdd-cpu"; regulator-always-on; regulator-min-microvolt = < 0xf4240 >; regulator-max-microvolt = < 0x16e360 >; phandle = < 0x03 >; }; dcdc3 { regulator-name = "vdd-int-dll"; regulator-a