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  1. Thank you, Igor. I appreciate your feedback. I will look into what options I have at this point. By the way, the Armbian images have all worked very well. Thank you for your hard work. Dale
  2. Hello. I have been running Armbian_5.41_Cubox-i_Ubuntu_xenial_next_4.15.7_desktop.img with no issues on my Hummingboard Edge which consists of rev 1.4 Hummingboard2 carrier and rev 1.5 SOM. I decided to try the legacy image (Armbian_5.41_Cubox-i_Ubuntu_xenial_default_3.14.79_desktop.img) to gain support for the hardware video decoder. However, I have been unable to get the legacy version to boot properly. Initially, the board is detected as having a rev 1.5 SOM and there is a message about not being able to find the right dtb file (imx6q-hummingboard2-som-v15.dtb). Looking under /boot/dtb there are no dtb files for the rev 1.5 SOM in the legacy image. So I copied the default imx6q-hummingboard2-som-v15.dtb from my 'next' image into the dtb folder of my legacy image. Now I no longer see the message about the missing dtb file, but the boot process stops at "Starting kernel ..." Does anyone have any ideas what may be the problem? Is the legacy image compatible with the rev 1.5 SOM? Thanks in advance to anyone that can help. I sure appreciate it. Thanks, Dale