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  1. Thanks for your awesome help. Now we have the Orange Pi Pc emulating an USB to another computers and we can open, copy and paste files form/to them. But we need to connect to an LED Panel and the panel card do not receive the Orange, we put the led program in the usb space given for the Orange but the Led card do not change the LED Panel program. We think that the problem is that the orange give energy to the card, and the card don't accept the energy and that is blocked, but we tryied cuting 5v cable from the usb and we dont have a possitive result, in both situations the card try to rea
  2. Thanks for your answer. This steps are functional for us, and the laptop now can recognize the orange pi pc like a usb memory, but we can't to stock or write the "usb", we need to put files in this "space" from armbian and need to open or use it on windows normally, how can we do it? We hope that you can help us soon.
  3. Hello everyone, we are Colombian developers and we are making a project with a Orange Pi PC. We tried to connect the Orange with a laptop via USB/OTG but in Serial port mode following this guide, but we exactly need connect the Orange with the laptop via USB/OTG in Mass Storage mode, who can help us to set this mode, we are trying but not with good results. Thanks, I hope that you can help us.