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  1. I have two options for 32GB: - Sandisk Ultra microSDHC Class 10 UHS-I A1 UHS Class 1 32GB + SD-adapter €12 - Sandisk microSDHC UHS Class 3, UHS-I, A1, V30 32GB €27 One for OMV One for a mediaplayer. If more GB needed, than I need to buy. The problem is the prices. I can two of the first one for the price of the second.
  2. Thanks for the information, but is a ready to use usb harddrive a speedy solution. Or better to buy the adapter at pine64 with a hdd. I want one hdd like 2tb. 2,5 inch what specs does it must have?
  3. I am hessitating between 2 ARM devices. Rock64 4GB or 2GB Odroid XU4Q 2GB One is for OMV with SanDisk Ultra A1 32GB Fast file transmit what is faster for file transfer through NFS/Samba/Plex? One is for Android TV -> Kodi or Plex for 4K Encoding. What is better to use emmc or Micro SD? I want the best performance, at home there is a gigabit network
  4. For OMV is 4GB Ram Required or 2GB is enough?
  5. But emmc is faster, why SD Card?
  6. Is it correct that what Pin64 website offers for the Rock64 emmc storage that is faster than any SD card what is available because of the 25mb/s limit? I Only want OMV on it and a separate hdd to connect. Read/write performance off a HDD is also still limited to 25 mb's?
  7. Dear members, I can't find the answer if the emmc what the Rock64 deliver is faster than a SD card like Samsung Pro?