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  1. hello I have the same scenario Im not able to use the keyboard when I launch mpv with hw acc and gpu-context=drm, (until I Press ALT+TAB) is there any way to be able to play video and read the keyboard at the same time ? it to be able to control mpv from a external alication. Regards! Saludos
  2. hello here is the output 4.4.213-rk3399 crw-rw---- 1 root video 10, 53 Jun 14 04:37 /dev/mali0 crw-rw---- 1 root video 243, 0 Jun 14 04:37 /dev/rkvdec crw-rw---- 1 root video 244, 0 Jun 14 04:37 /dev/vpu_service
  3. I re running the script but the cpu % goes to high, after that I run script again but in a new armbian image, and cpu goes to high to how can I launch I use differents options to launch mpv (--hwdec=rkmpp --vo=drm). but always cpu goes to high what I doing wrong? Thx
  4. yes I run the script again , today let me test in a clean armbian image.
  5. hello, After install the media script i can not get gpu hw acceleration. my current system is orange pi 4 with rk3399 kernel 4.4.216-rk3399 Description: Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS Release: 18.04 Codename: bionic when I play video with mpv the cpu go more of 150%. how can I know that the orange pi has the hw acceleration enabled? note > only one day hw acceleration was working but the next day stop working. Thx! Regards
  6. Hi again thx! For your help finally i get audio, using dtbs, imageand header. Regards!
  7. hi thx! I shuld be copy and save the file with .patch then use this coomando patch file.patch ? or how can I patch it sorry I dont know very muhc about apply patch and kernel. Regards. Saludos.
  8. hi not yet looks like my orange pi 4 V1.4 do you have the same problem?
  9. hello everyone I have this board orange pi 4 V 1.3 Armbian Focal desktop mainline based kernel 5.4.y . I haven't audio through HDMI. what can I do ? I ran the media script for hw acceleration and i have good video result but not audio. Thx!
  10. hello, hello, I try to perform cross-compile to, but unfortunately, I had errors. try compile following these step of the link. Hope you can get what you want! http://linux-sunxi.org/Qt5_For_Mali_Binaries
  11. hi Everyone! I need an image with this Ubuntu server 16.04 no Desktop environment, only console. This is for projects, programming something, like a kiosk, just run an application, the system should be light, and haven't additional applications like browser, LibreOffice, etc. how can I compile this image? Thx From Mx.!
  12. hi jistycs. I'm trying install Qt5 on my orange pi board, but isn't possible, could you please helpe to install your qt compilation? thx! I apreciate a lot your help ! Regards from Mexico !
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