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  1. Hello there, I was looking at the gc2035 camera sensor for the orange pi device. I want the camera module to load as fast as possible and take pictures as fast as possible. When I use a USB camera, it takes 2-3 seconds to load the module and activate the camera, and the camera takes 2 seconds. I'm thinking of compiling the GC2035 camera statically to the linux kernel. But I'm not sure how much time decrease. What I would like to know is, how fast is the camera taking pictures and how long is the loading time of the camera modules? Can I take pictures under 200 ms with the camera triggered? The Raspifastcamd module allows you to take pictures in 10-50 ms for the Raspi camera. Can this be made compatible for GC2035? Best regard, Thank you.
  2. I am using orange pi + 2e, the distribution version of ubuntu I am currently using. How do I start my device under 2 seconds, is there a suitable linux distribution? On the device I only use the python programming language, and some image compression and sending operations are being done.I shut down units like Wireless and Ethernet,Desktop but I did not get much acceleration. What are your suggestions? How much acceleration can I record if I start the version of the armbian mainline in ram disk?
  3. I am using armbian mainline kernel. this module is suitable for my system.if so, can you share a guideline on how to install it
  4. I want to wake up my orange pi plus 2e device through the pin. It will feature a PIR sensor on this pin. I did research in the forum, but I could not find any documents. We can wake up by applying a interrupt like Arduino through a pin. How do I follow a path for this device? When I take the device to sleep, I can not wake it up again. The buttons on it do not function at all.
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