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  1. Nice to read you made it. at my 16gb I have 11GB free space. EMMC speed is ~ 60MByte/s. thats 4x faster than Raspb3B, I really like it. I'm just a beginner at Linux, so I try to learn more about it. Even I have chosen the Kodi download, I can't find Kodi on it ^^ Minecraft runs fine (installed to test speed) And I used it the hole day as SSH proxy for my smartphone -> really stable. Now I try mumble server and a website with apache and mysql. But ^^ Lan speed is really slow ~ 15MByte/s.. PS: Awesome Thread for setup, thanks !!! hm docker, didn't hear about it, I start reading about it now^^ Did you do a wifi speedtest?
  2. Yes, for me it was very easy ^^ H96Pro+ has 2 different versions. One with LDDR3 and one with DDR4, maybe thats the difference. I opened the case and there are 2 USB extra inside but no hole in case. Now I have 4x USB ;P 1.) if you changed something on internal EMMC storage -> flash official Firmware (mine was from 12-2017) // I think it's important, so Armbian can read the correct DeviceTree? 2.) Burn image "Armbian_5.41_S9xxx_Ubuntu_xenial_3.14.29_server_20180305.img" with Rufus to SDCard (LINK) (Choose at Rufus the 'DD' image) 3.) Plug SDcard into Box 4.) Plug power cable into Box while holding reset button pressed 5.) See Armbian booting up 6.) Set username and password 7.) reboot 8.) login 9.) start "./install.sh" and wait for finish (5-7 minutes) 10.) shutdown and remove power cable 11.) remove SDcard 12.) plug power cable in Box, now you should see Armbian booting up without SDCard -> finished
  3. Thank you. I got it to work on my internal. (H96 Pro+ (Plus) green mainboard with LDDR3 produced in 2017) I used this version "Armbian_5.41_S9xxx_Ubuntu_xenial_3.14.29_server_20180305.img.xz" LINK Installed it directly over original Firmware with "./install.sh" -script without any problems. Important for me was to use Rufus to burn the image to a sdcard and to run it without any dtb-file in main directory on the sdcard. To start from sdcard I pressed the reset-button for few seconds right after I plugged in the power cable. I was just wondering about the download, because it's under "5.41_KODI-17.6" but I don't need any kodi on this box. So do I have to clean it up at first, so no storage and performance waste on these additional installations?
  4. Hi koakh, my goal is to replace my raspb3 (webserver and other services)with the same box as you (H96 Pro+) Could you please post a (if possible) short version what you did to run Armbian on your H96 box? (DTB and Armbian version) (Wifi is not so important for me) Did you manage to install armbian on the internal storage? I think the sd-reader is slower than the raspb3 one. (tested with samsung evo) So I wanted to get armbian running on the internal storage. thanks for your time
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