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  1. ok thx a lot by the way where I can report a bug? Armbianmonitor for displaying the network on a SINGLE line (-N) does not work. It does not stay on a single line it does scroll like the -n option EDIT: ok submitted the issue on GitHub Andy
  2. Yes I already did realize that since my CPU usage is now down to 1-2% before it was more like 5 to 8% in "idle" mode So can I now stay on this Image will I be able to update to further updates etc.? Andy
  3. ok I did install the image and it works with the usb devices I currently need (USB FTDI Serial, USB 4G Modem) Andy
  4. but for my device there is nothing else then nightly build versions... (Nanopi Neo Core 2 LTS) And before (3 months ago) I used the Armbian Stretch which worked but was not based on Ubuntu... Or which one should I use for my Core 2 with EMMC support...
  5. hmm I think that the DTO are not loaded. So I downloaded some DTS from and added the sun50i-h5-usbhost0.dts with sudo armbian-add-overlay But after the boot I get this error: I tried several things but I think I don't get it... Andy
  6. Hy Just installed the Armbian Bionic image. Tried to attach different usb devices but they did not got registered. So I tried to look at the settings under Hardware in den armbian-config but it's gone.... I remember in the Armbian Stretch build it was Variable... Can someone help me Andy
  7. Andy

    GPIO access

    thx for the link but still I get the same error.... Andy
  8. After reading several threads without success I need to ask again how I can get permission as a "normal" user to use the GPIO pins via my python script: #!/usr/bin/python import time PIN_NUM = 200 print "GPIO %s" % PIN_NUM try: # check to see if the pin is already exported open(''.join(['/sys/class/gpio/gpio',str(PIN_NUM),'/direction'])).read() except: # it isn't, so export it open('/sys/class/gpio/export', 'w').write(str(PIN_NUM)) # set gpiochip198 to output open(''.join(['/sys/class/gpio/gpio',str(PIN_NUM),'/direction']), 'w').write('out') for i in range(1000): open(''.join(['/sys/class/gpio/gpio',str(PIN_NUM),'/value']), 'w').write("1") time.sleep(0.5) open(''.join(['/sys/class/gpio/gpio',str(PIN_NUM),'/value']), 'w').write("0") time.sleep(0.5) # remove GPIO87 folder from file system open('/sys/class/gpio/unexport', 'w').write(str(PIN_NUM)) I get this error: Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 17, in <module> open(''.join(['/sys/class/gpio/gpio',str(PIN_NUM),'/direction']), 'w').write('out') IOError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/sys/class/gpio/gpio200/direction' So I tried to add: SUBSYSTEM=="gpio", ACTION=="add", RUN="/bin/sh -c '\ chown -R root:gpio /sys/class/gpio && chmod -R 770 /sys/class/gpio;\ chown -R root:gpio /sys$DEVPATH && chmod -R 770 /sys$DEVPATH\ '" into /etc/udev/rules.d/90-gpiomem.rules and yes my username is the GPIO group.... Can someone help me further...thx Andy
  9. hmm ok Currently I use the "Nanopi Neo 2" image. So is the nano pi neo plus2 closer to the "NanoPi NEO Core2"? I just thought the Neo Core 2 is the bare bone cpu board compared the the Neo 2 where USB and Ethernet Jack is present...
  10. hmm I would love to do that. but as I'm using a NanoPi NEO Core2 I don't wan't to code on the wrong image. For me it's currently a too hard start to first figure out how to develop the write image first for the Core 2 and then search start searching for the right LED pins etc to get it working. If someone could build a NanoPi NEO Core2 image I could definitely start helping in improving the side of the Core 2... Andy
  11. hmm ok I use the "Nanopi Neo 2" image on my "NanoPi NEO Core2" and it works too. So what is the difference to the "NanoPi Neo Plus2" image? Is the Plus2 image better supported do to its emmc? Andy
  12. any news to this problem. Still facing the same problem. I can control the RED led on my NanoPi NEO Core2 but not the blue one... Andy
  13. hmm I had no problems with the Ethernet on the Armbian. What does ifconfig show? Andy
  14. Phu now it's working again. So this is what I did: I made a bootable SD Card to boot the system form the SD. Then I used chkdsk on the internal 8GB eMMC. Then I powered off the device, removed the SD-Card and now it works again.... strange... But thx for the help hope this won't happen again...
  15. thx. it keeps printing out the same line: Begin: Running /scripts/local-block ... done. and after 10 or so seconds it does reboot and start over again