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  1. Hi Jock, Your replies are keeping this forum active. My box is not rooted, however can boot by multitool. Can we dump tv box boot.img or extract tv box kernel using the multitool so that i can get dtb. I can see /proc/partitions but not as "by-name"
  2. Hi, I have a basic doubt regarding the booting of multiboot vs armbian Multiboot gets booted from sdcard even if the tv box has Android. If multiboot can do it, why not armbian. I can see multiboot has vfat partition having kernel file. And another partition as ext4 that had Linux files. If we make armbian by modifying the initrd, will it get booted like multiboot, without erasing Android and not loosing Android functionality. It will be like dual boot also.
  3. Iam a new user to this forum and tv box. As iam interested to run Linux in stb I bought one. Hope the senior members will guide me in the right direction. Pics of my tv box. Device picture Pcb Front Pcb back Just now got shipment from bangood the h96max Android tv box with rk3318 chip. First thing after booting Android from the box, is to open the box took the pics of the pcb front and back. I have been following this forum and noted the mistakes in general users, and not taking backup and difficult in finding pads for maskrom. 1. Where is the pads to short for maskrom mode. 2. Though I can try with different dtb, is this board already a familiar one. 3. Can I boot from sdcard without erasing emmc.