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  1. Hi Igor Thank you for your reply! I'm newbie in linux debian CLI... I've just install debian jessie from ignition, but i ddin't find fdt_file
  2. Hi, thanks for your replies! I used this SD (an another same one) for ignition with debian, they work properly. I tested with Etcher same problem! I used this transcend ultimate 600x U1 for another application, and she works good!
  3. Hello, I'm newbie on freescale imx6. I've just bought a hummingBoard2 rev1.4. A modem SIMCOM7600E mcpie is attached. When I used ignition and install debian, it's works but I 've a problem with the driver of this modem, the WWAN is not configured. ATCOMMAND works fine but I would like to use it by wwan interface and I didn't know how to put the driver file.c! I decided to install armbian_5.38 debian or ubuntu but my hummingboard doesn't boot. The autoboot stop at ##Flattend Device Tree blob at 18000000 Booting using the fdt blob at 0x18000000 after this I had "No signa