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  1. Friend Don't make me poor literature. If you say we shared a csc image for tinkerboard 2, I may ask where is this image. Secondly, as someone who owns tinkerboard 2, I'm already constantly putting pressure on asus, which is a vendor. When I saw the armbian, I wanted to try and find and fix the problems in this image and provide you with individual support. But that's how I found your "give us money or shut up" attitude wrong. Your language is quite offensive.This can backfire if you continue with the "we're here for you idiots" mood every time you post an image. Bests.
  2. Hi, I'm so happy to growth of Armbian, and its good to see that you adding new devices to your device support cartela. But I couldn't find CSC image for Tinkerboard 2. Is that uses same image with RockPi N10 or did you forget to add to download page under to CSC images lists. Bests,
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