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  1. I would like to consolidate some of my devices into a singular device. I am having trouble coming up with a system which could work. currently my cubietruck crashes all the time, so much that it is now on a 2 hour reboot cycle and still manages to crash. I assume it's a power issue with the 3.5 harddrive. Could also be 3Terbyte drive is too much? Also 60mb/s is a bit slow. I have an asus rt-ac87u which does 802.11ac mimo wireless, but I do not like it's operating system. Also the wireless has issues. So, basically looking for something that can support 802.11ac mimo wireless(ex
  2. I have read it again and still do not see your link. mobile version. I posted because of the date on the article of May 11 2016. I wanted to make sure the exploit was not present in what I am using. I had a lot of issues with similar linux exploits in the 90s. For me it is the fear of worms and backdoors.
  3. Troubling read.
  4. Lost the login motd following apt-get upgrade. Start-Date: 2016-05-08 10:52:11 Commandline: apt-get upgrade Upgrade: linux-image-next-sunxi:armhf (5.04, 5.10), linux-headers-next-sunxi:armhf (5.04, 5.10), linux-trusty-root-next-cubietruck:armhf (5.04, 5.10), linux-dtb-next-sunxi:armhf (5.04, 5.10), linux-firmware-image-next-sunxi:armhf (5.04, 5.10) End-Date: 2016-05-08 10:56:33 I imagine I have to reinstall a pam config file?
  5. For anyone who searches this thread. Here is the most up to date bootable image I could find. uname -a Linux alarm 3.5.7-14-ARCH #1 PREEMPT Mon Jun 30 13:06:45 MDT 2014 armv7l GNU/Linux Here is the only ubuntu I could find. I would not recommend as it is no longer supported.
  6. Discovered it already had a serial device built-in. What a nifty device. elcome to minicom 2.7 OPTIONS: I18n Compiled on Feb 7 2016, 13:37:27. Port /dev/ttyUSB1, 21:04:50 Press CTRL-A Z for help on special keys T T CuBox
  7. This is a first gen cubox, half did not have a serial port. I would need a pinout to connect to what might be a serial port. I could not find an archive image from months/years ago to try. And yes, nothing at all, no hdmi signal.
  8. Maybe I missed something, it's been a few weeks since I needed to install an image. cubox with hdmi does not boot. There is no serial port, so I can not even try to figure it out. Also it never requests an ip address from the router. Tried with trusty legacy and vanilla. Used the link specifically labeled cubox-i
  9. Just threw my asus rt-ac87u in the bin because I got tired of it malfunctioning. I no longer like asus products. So, for the moment I had to turn my cable modem back into a gateway. That said, I found allwinner owns an OUI DC446D and applied it.
  10. My cubietruck mac address which I am assuming is auto generated is invalid. Though one would think it should work, other software on routers will not accept the mac as valid, and thus I can not add configurations to it. We probably need a layer somewhere to create 'valid' mac addresses. 02:C2:07:C0:B7:C7 is the generated mac that my cubietruck is currently using which software claims is invalid.
  11. I will not be running a 15 hour test. And It's now a 3tb drive. I would be willing to do .5 of a tb at most. I don't think one needs to fill the harddrive to run a decent test. Also the only stat I actually care about is how fast I can transfer files off it via an ftp client or any other, smb, nfs, etc.(75mb/s max on armbian, 20-30mb/s using netbsd) Last year I lived out in the country and my max speed most of the time was 0.3kps. I'm in the city now, when I get 10mb/s download it's great.
  12. I tried the test, 7 hours later it was still writing files. I closed the test and turned transmission back on.
  13. Will I loose any data using that?
  14. I wonder if it makes a difference that mine is formated ext4.