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  1. Morning All, Around a year and a half ago I found the USB port from my Espressobin V5 had broken off. This has not greatly affected me because the board itself continued to operate perfectly up to the point of merging with the mainline kernel 5.x which it simply will not boot, I am assuming because a new boot script needs to be set for the device as described on the download page ( https://www.armbian.com/espressobin/ ) but of course I am unable to access the U-Boot command without serial communication. I have set the kernel update on hold thus far, but this of course cannot hold f
  2. Hi Barish, yes you are completely right the issue was that dnsmasq was set to a non standard port (5353 if I recall) because bind9 was using port 53 and dnsmasq did not like handling name forward requests on that port for some reason it will only do it when it is on port 53
  3. I tried following where the packets go using tshark: set it up on the espressobin and connected to the wifi with my phone (with which I have not set up a DNS. On my laptop I have configured for use as DNS so internet through the espressobin works just fine. Makes sense.) Following on the wan interface when I went to google.com on my phone the following packets were picked up: Capturing on 'wan' 1 0.000000000 → DNS 70 Standard query 0x6d4a A google.com 2 0.001193480 → DNS 86 Standard query response
  4. So I flashed a recent backup image to the SD card but still no wan, lan0 or lan1 which forced me to fall back to the default Armbian Buster image and start over from scratch. I am back to where I was two days ago now: everything working except for name resolution outside the network. I have removed validation and the specific error regarding unreachable network is gone however still no DNS forwarding. In fact there is now no clear error at all. I will look at replacing the key as suggested but I do not think this is the problem. Name forwarding outside of my subne
  5. Thank you for the response I will be trying this asap! Sounds like it could be the problem. In the mean time I have bigger problems the wan, lan0 and lan1 have all just disapeared! No idea what happened but now when I type "ip link show", there is eth0, lo, br1 and wlx24050fae5224 but none of the lan ports. Weird.
  6. Hi all, I have an espressobin v5, running the newest Armbian 20.02.01 Buster that is available online (installed just recently). I am using this device as a home gateway/router so there is hostapd, dnsmasq, iptables that kind which is all working perfectly. But I cannot enable name resolution for the subnet!! Packet forwarding works fine, if I set the DNS manually on any of the devices connected to the subnet then the connection works perfectly but I would prefer to have it performed dynamically for any guest that connects. I installed bind9, this is the named.conf.opt
  7. The armbian-firmware on my espressobin was updated to version 5.90 and now everything is working way better! I see in the change log that the drivers for rtl8812 and others were updated so clearly this was the issue. If whoever updated it sees this I thank you!
  8. OK Apologies for the late response, this is just a side hobby I do not get a lot of time for it but have not given up. I found the issue with dnsmasq- it needs an ip address to listen on! So I took the wan port and eth0 off of the bridge Br0, leaving lan0, lan1 and wlx24050fae5224 on it with an ip address of and dnsmasq listening to this interface/address combination: [Match] Name=lan1 #As an example, same with lan0 and the wifi which is on wlx24050fae5224 [Network] Bridge=br0 dnsmasq.conf: dhcp-range=,,24h inter
  9. I bought an espressobin and a realtek rtl8812au based usb wifi device because I wanted to set up a linux based wifi network at home. It is running the armbian mainline kernel with Debian 9. I installed hostapd and dnsmasq (config files below) and it works, hurray! Bad news is I do not understand how. I tried to look at the list of connected devices (cat /var/lib/misc/dnsmasq.leases) but this showed nothing. I disabled dnsmasq and rebooted and the wifi continued to work without dnsmasq. So my question is this- without the dnsmasq service what exactly is handing out the ip addresses to devices c